Spring Break Brings Large Crowds As LA Businesses Reopen

Traffic has picked back up as restaurants and stores are packed during the start of Spring Break for many students around LA.

Video Transcript

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JEFF NGUYEN: Along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, cars and pedestrians filled the streets while restaurants had lines for both indoor and outdoor dining as restrictions are being relaxed. Dr. Zahra Ashrafi and her family are visiting from Pennsylvania.

ZAHRA ASHRAFI: We've been really careful, and we decided not to really go anywhere or travel until we were vaccinated.


JEFF NGUYEN: They flew into LAX, where officials said last week was the busiest in the past year. It's a reminder, we're in the midst of Spring Break while Miami Beach declared a state of emergency to prevent large crowds from gathering. This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised against travel and said COVID cases are on the rise in more than half the states, and about 1,000 people are dying each day.

ANNE RIMOIN: We also have to remember, we have more contagious variants that are now spreading, so it's more risky.

JEFF NGUYEN: Scientists are currently studying 12,000 vaccinated college students to see if inoculated people can spread the virus. Back in Santa Monica, Dr. Ashrafi's family is staying with her sister during their visit to create a bubble. Her boys have been wearing their masks out of respect for their aunt who has not yet been vaccinated.

ARMON GANJAVIAN: If we were to go out and not wear a mask and get her infected, you know, that would just be, you know, a terrible thing for us to do. And I don't really think I could forgive myself for doing something like that.

JEFF NGUYEN: Even with the expansion of vaccination, LA County's Public Health Department is asking everyone to observe the holidays virtually or with just your own household. In Santa Monica, Jeff Nguyen, KCAL 9 News.

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