Spring break forecast brings 2 cool fronts in next week

Two cool fronts are on the way, but the fronts themselves are very different.

Video Transcript

DAVID TILMAN: Hello. I'm meteorologist David Tilman with your 1-minute weather forecast week in style. And the first half of the weekend is going to be very warm. A lot like what we had on Friday. Low temperatures first thing Saturday morning, middle to upper 60s.

The farther West you go, the warmer it's going to be. High temperatures for your Saturday, same thing, the farther West you go the warmer temperatures get. Out there in Columbus and Lagrange and Halletsville will be approaching the mid 80s. We're thinking upper 70s to around 80 degrees in Houston.

Second half of the weekend looks like this. A 70% chance for rain as we make it up to 75 degrees on Sunday. Saturday is going to be mostly dry.

But look at this. Cool front comes in on Sunday. We're thinking the middle part of the day is when this front is going to move through. As it's moving through, we'll have a chance for showers and maybe a clap of thunder. But at this time, we're not calling for any strong thunderstorms.

Monday will be dry, less humid, but still very warm, a high of 82. Tuesday, we'll have a few showers around, and then a stronger front moves in on Wednesday. That will get rid of the humidity and drop our temperatures even farther as we get into Thursday and Friday.