Spring Breaker Horrified After Deadly Miami Beach Shooting

CBS4's Peter D'Oench shares the details of the case. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/3qSWtnu

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:00, the search for a gunman intensifies in Miami Beach after a man was found dead off Pine Tree Drive. The man's body was discovered last night with several gunshot wounds near a hotel.

- And police in the area say it's part of a growing trend as they step up patrols during spring break. CBS 4's Peter D'Oench is live for us in Miami Beach, where the chief just gave an update, right, Peter?

PETER D'OENCH: That's right, Eliott. Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements says the latest victim in this case is 27-year-old Sowe Amadu. We will hear from the chief in just a second. But he says that large crowds are expected this weekend during spring break. And he says Coral Gables Police are being called in to help out. This as homicide detectives investigate this latest case.

A visitor from New York, Zie Brown is horrified. The body of a man was discovered at 9:20 Monday night on a sidewalk outside her hotel at 24th Street and Pine Tree Drive. The victim had gunshot wounds.

ZIE BROWN: Oh my lord. Oh, I had no idea. That's really troubling. Really, really troubling.

PETER D'OENCH: 25 minutes earlier, police responded to a 911 call about shots fired in this alleyway at Sixth Street and Collins Avenue.

TIM KOWTON: Last night in the hotel, I did notice an intense rush of police activity flying down this street, headed over this way.

PETER D'OENCH: Detectives did not locate a victim, but did find shell casings and blood. Tim Kowton and Haley Jones, tourists from Ohio and parents of three children, are concerned.

TIM KOWTON: It would be nice to see more police activity down here and know that the tourists are safe.

HAILEY JONES: I feel the exact same way. The children should be safe. More police activity to make sure that the tourists are safe when we come here.

PETER D'OENCH: But police say they have really stepped up presence and activity, just completing the fifth week of an eight-week spring break operation, making arrests and seizing weapons.

ERNESTO RODRIGUEZ: Last week from Monday to Sunday, 163 arrests, 69 of those felonies. Officers from Miami Beach seized last week alone 21 guns.

PETER D'OENCH: The latest violence prompted strong words from Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber during his State of the City address.

DAN GELBER: The entertainment district is simply not working for us. As it has become an anything goes place.

PETER D'OENCH: Now just moments ago, the police chief spoke out about this case. And he has some new details.

RICHARD CLEMENTS: We can confirm that both scenes are, in fact, connected and that there was one shooting and not two as what was originally thought. The 27-year-old victim, a South Florida resident named Sowe Amadu, lost his life in a senseless act of violence. The investigation remains very active.

PETER D'OENCH: Now the police chief says that the city was prepared to shut down the MacArthur Causeway this weekend if gridlock occurs. And he says that garages will shut down around 8:00 PM.

He also had some final new details about the number of arrests since February 3. He says 894 people have been arrested. Half of them live outside the state of Florida. 78 guns were seized as well. We're live in Miami Beach. Peter D'Oench, CBS 4 News.