Spring cleaning your home with these expert tips

An expert provided tips for people who will begin to do a deep clean of their home.

Video Transcript

- Oh boy, spring is officially here, and you may be getting ready to do some spring cleaning. Val and [? Evera ?] of Val's Services, brings a Brazilian style of cleaning right here to Chicago. Thank you so much for joining us to talk about it.

- Thank you so much, [? Tony. ?] We are so happy to be here.

- Same here. So OK, Val, tell me what is the Brazilian style of cleaning that you're bringing? How is it different?

- Yeah, so we focus-- most detail cleaning your organization. So that's why I brought it here to Chicago. We focus not just cleaning but it dictates how to make the things that smells good and amazing-- The owners can relax. That's what makes the difference between us.

- Absolutely OK. So I know that-- we're talking about using really natural products and what are some of those tips that you might be able to offer for us? Especially for somebody like me who I'm going to be split-- spring cleaning, literally, as soon as I get home today. So what should I be doing?

- Oh, that's great. Well I have so many tips to share with you all, especially now this spring and cleaning. The most important thing that comes to my mind, is about a bathroom, because no one wants to spread bacteria, right? But in most things [INAUDIBLE] forget to clean are your bathmats. So my tip is try to wash these once per week to make sure that you are not carrying bacteria from the bathroom into the rest of your house. And your feet will appreciate it a lot. It's soft, the cleaning bath mat.

- Absolutely.

- That's

- Totally agree with you there. Well, let me ask you this too. One of the things that we try, my wife and I try to do, we try to make spring cleaning fun. Any ideas on how to do that?

- Yes, so I would just say try to attack one thing at a time. So sometimes people have a big project, they want to clean everything. You don't have time. You don't have experience. So chose your ones, like [INAUDIBLE]. OK, so let's say that today I'm going to do all the drawers in my kitchen. OK, focus on a drawer. [INAUDIBLE] all the meals, or if you do not have time, hire us. We are the most [INAUDIBLE] help you.

- I think you should make it a date night. Date night cleaning.

- There you go. That's awesome. I love that idea. And you know I feel like it's the same thing that you do when you're trying to get into a new workout routine, or getting into a better, healthier diet. You try it, just do a little bit at a time and it makes a big difference.

- Yes, that's right. So one thing that I always focus is about being happy, having fun whatever you do, and make sure you do amazing. So cleaning can be fun if you do not have time. So you have to find a way. OK, so what's my goal? What I have to do? You need to find a way [INAUDIBLE] the things in your house are going to be clean, and refresh and you also are going to be relaxed.

- I love it. Val thank you so much. I really appreciate your time today. That's a great idea. I'm putting those bath mats in the washer right when I get home. Thank you, Val.

- Thank you too.

- Have a great day.