Spring Severe Weather Season In North Texas - 04/11/21 - Segment 4

Spring Severe Weather Season In North Texas - 04/11/21 - Segment 4

Video Transcript

SCOTT PADGETT: A group of Texas weather experts is taking years of experience into the classroom. It's called Weather On Wheels. And during the pandemic, well we're doing it virtually. Here's a look at just one of the presentations that we've done this school year. Erin Moran visited with fourth graders at Naomi Press Elementary School in McKinney.

ERIN MORAN: Well hi, everyone. OK. I see everyone waving. Happy Thursday and good morning to you. Our biggest virtual weather on wheels presentation so far this year. The entire 4th grade class at Naomi Press Elementary in McKinney. And with our all over the place weather this past week, we sure had a lot to talk about. Wow. Sunday was kind of a really cloudy, cold, rainy day. Do you think it was high pressure or do you think it was low pressure? Let me see L's if you think it was low pressure.

Well, anyone who was putting up the L right, now you are correct from severe storms flooding and heat, to the importance of high pressure and low pressure when forecasting. All of a sudden we went from high pressure to low pressure. And so there you go. You've got a cloud in the bottle. Talking a little weather science, a little weather safety, and answering a few tough weather questions. Do we have blizzards in Texas?

- Yes.

ERIN MORAN: That is a great question. A great way to round out the first half of the school year with our Virtual Weather On Wheels Program.

- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

SCOTT PADGETT: The weather team is only doing virtual visits for now, but if you'd like to enter your school, go to our website cbsdfw.com. Go to the weather section, look for weather on wheels and someone will get in touch with you. From education in the classroom, to keeping you informed 24/7 at work and home, it's easy with a CBS DFW weather app. You can get real time updates from the Texas weather experts. Also, you can monitor the radar along with us, as these storms move into North Texas. The app is free to download for iPhone and Android users.

And we will keep you informed as we go through the spring severe season so that you can make the right decisions to keep you and your family safe. Watch us on air, online at CBS DFW and our social media pages. This has been To The Point. I'm Chief Meteorologist Scott Padgett. Have a great day.