NJ high school says there will be no dancing at prom

High school seniors around the Delaware Valley are worried about missing out on prom and graduation this year.

Video Transcript

BRIAN TAFF: Were into spring, inching closer to the end of the school year, the lingering pandemic is poised to impact another round of life milestones for students.

SARAH BLOOMQUIST: Proms and graduations are on the line. Some outdoor plans getting canceled as well. And students are understandably upset with the outcomes of the difficult decisions now being made.

BRIAN TAFF: ABC reporter Katie Katro live at Springfield high school in Delaware County this afternoon. Katie, you've got the details.

KATIE KATRO: Brian and Sarah, here at Springfield high school plans for graduation are still up in the air. But many students that we're speaking with say they're deciding this online petition because they want a socially distanced outdoor graduation ceremony. But as you mentioned, that's not the only thing on students' minds. All around the area, students are wondering about prom.

KAYLA MILLS: And we didn't get to have our juniors, we were really, really looking forward to our senior prom.

KATIE KATRO: Many high school seniors we're speaking with across the Delaware Valley say images like this. Seeing their prom dresses zipped up in a bag are a constant reminder of the rite of passage take it away from them a second year in a row.

CARLEY POLEY: I got my two dresses for last year and then I have two dresses for this year. So four dresses no one can wear.

KATIE KATRO: Clearview regional high school in Harrison Township, New Jersey sent this letter out to parents saying, as outdoor gathering sizes have changed, outdoor prom cannot currently happen. On top of that, no dancing would be allowed per New Jersey's rules.

CARLEY POLEY: We would just be going to a big dinner.

KATIE KATRO: Philadelphia school district has not made any decisions regarding prom and they are working with the Philadelphia department of public health to see what they can do.

SHELYA STREET: Sports are outdoors. We're having needs. We're literally conversing with other students from other schools, like why not? We should have an outdoor prom.

KATIE KATRO: Students at Central high school have started an online petition to have an outdoor prom.

YOUMA DIABIRA: Anything that comes with being an upperclassman, we haven't really been able to participate in.

KATIE KATRO: And the Philadelphia school district does plan to have an outdoor graduation though. They're still working through those details. Here at Springfield, no announcements have been made just yet. Reporting live in Springfield, Katie Katra channel 6, Action News. Brian.

BRIAN TAFF: OK. Katie, thank you.