Sprouts grocery store on East Bidwell in Folsom to neighbor a new commercial resident

Sprouts Farmers Market on East Bidwell Street is on track to get a roommate – or rather a building mate.

The Folsom Planning Commission approved a project on Nov. 16 to subdivide the existing single-story, 39,404-square-foot commercial building at 905 E. Bidwell St. into two units for future sale and operation, according to Scott Johnson, the Folsom city planning manager.

“There was a good chunk of square footage that was not being used,” Johnson said. “In essence, another commercial entity could buy that space to be bound to the same rules and regulations that everybody else will be bound by in that zoning district.”

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He said the parcel’s owner, Valuerock Investment Partners, wanted to apply for the project so it might get more use out of the existing property.

According to documents from the city Planning Commission, to fulfill the required public notification, there was an advertisement in the Folsom Telegraph and direct mail sent to all property owners within 300 feet of the project site. The notification process did not result in any public comments from nearby property owners, residents or special interest groups.

The project came with a proposed tentative parcel map and is subject to conditions of approval that ensure the project is developed in compliance with city standards, the document said.

Johnson said he is not sure when the project will be completed.

“The entitlement’s been approved, but they still have to submit the final map,” Johnson said. “It still needs to be reviewed by our engineering staff before it’s approved. I don’t know the length of time for that process, probably two or three months I’m guessing.”