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Feb. 22—squawbox@albanyherald.com

Sunday's editorial about Atlanta and the rest of Georgia being two states is so true. I came to Albany in the '70s, but all of my life "up there" everyone talked of south Georgia as a far-away wasteland. Even our Methodist preacher told a story about getting on the wrong side of the bishop and almost getting transferred to south Georgia, as if it was a horrible punishment.

Come on, Fletcher, you know that lady was speaking generally. We have complained over and over about not having access to broadband down this way. What are they supposed to think?

It is time for a new governor in New York.

Do everybody a favor and eliminate the teachers' union. Then hire new and dedicated teachers.

The Biden administration has waived ethics rules to allow a top Department of Homeland Security official to make policy in areas on which she lobbied for her former employer. So Biden's ethics pledge is good only in words but not in practice.

Excellent column by Callie Burt. Sometimes we go a little overboard in trying to prove we're "woke." Boys playing girls sports — no matter what they "identify as" — is ridiculous and it's unfair.

An SMR is accusing me of worshipping Biden? LOL. Only Trump followers worship another human being. It's not our fault that your lives are so empty that you do. Your worship of Trump proves you are anti-American. Just like the insurrectionists Trump inspired, you tried, you failed, and Biden is still president. From the blue state of Georgia, Signed, Yours Truly

Way to go, Carlton! Also I enjoy Michael Hall's letter to the editor. They are informative and thoughtful.

I am a male, but I fully support Georgia's HB 276, which protects female sports from unfair advantage by the transgender male identifying as female. Mostly, those born as males have definite physiological advantages over females. That's why, for example, female tennis matches are played best-of-three but male tennis matches are best-of-five.

Loved your Sunday column, Carlton. If we don't take up for ourselves, we'll get rolled over by those cultured Atlanta legislators.

Looks like Sleepy Joe didn't get his anti-Trump vaccine before getting inaugurated. He's lying worse than Trump by saying that we don't have any vaccine, after he got his shot before he entered the White House and millions of Americans had received their vaccination, Who'd a thunk it?

Should there be a rule that realtors cannot use photos of themselves in their ads that are more than 20 years old?

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are living proof that many voters are so obsessed with ideology, they no longer care if people are competent. Elected officials don't have to even care about the people who vote for them, as long as they hate the same people their constituents hate. That Masked Man

When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.