Squid Games Costumes and Decorations (Fake Money) for Your Own SG Party

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Squid Game may have just dropped on Netflix a little over a month ago, but it’s already pretty much all anyone can talk about. The best thing about this hot topic? It provides lots of perfect Halloween costume ideas, as well as fun ideas for Halloween party decor.

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From the red uniforms worn by the guards to the dresses worn by the “red light, green light” dolls, there are lots of options that range from fun and easy-to-pull-off to fully creepy. If you want to opt for a super cozy option, you could even grab a green tracksuit that you are sure to wear again and again. Below, we have rounded up some of our favorite costume options. We’ve made it easy for you whether you prefer to opt for something from a costume store or buy a tracksuit or dress that you will actually be able to wear again.

The Green Track Suits Worn by The Players

tracksuit costumes from Squid Game
Credit: Netflix

This would be the easiest to pull off and given the intensity of this show, it will definitely still make an impact. You could truly just purchase any green tracksuit, but if you’re intent on looking exactly like the characters from the show, we’ve rounded up some options below. For everyone who’s ever wanted to avoid dressing in uncomfortable over-the-top costumes for Halloween parties, this is your dream come true in costume form.

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Actual Squid Game-intended costumes:

The Guards’ Bright Red and Black Mesh Mask Costumes

Not only is this the scarier option, but it’s also COVID-safe. It features a black mesh face covering, which would work well to cover up a mask underneath. It also features black gloves, which would be a great option for anyone who lives in a colder climate.

The Front Man’s Super Scary Uniform

front man mask from Squid Game
Credit: Amazon

This is another great option if you want to look extra scary while still wearing a mask. Featuring a stern hooded coat, leather gloves and an intense geometric-styled mask, this costume is super intimidating. The best part is that the most defining feature of this character is the mask, so once you have that you can really pair it with any dark-colored trench coat.

Dress Up With the Doll Dress

This option allows you to get a little more creative in terms of what exactly you wear. The mainstays are the orange dress with the yellow undershirt, but since those colors are so distinct you can get away with pieces that aren’t the exact style if you want to be a little more adventurous. That said, there are some great pre-made costumes that are easy to pop on as well.

Set the Mood and ‘Make it Rain’ at Your Party

Whether you host a costume contest and name a winner or just want to set the mood, don’t forget the party favors or try dropping some “cash” (maybe mixed with real cash) for a big finale.

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Squid Game party favor bags
Credit: Amazon

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