St. Johns Deputy Shot at During a Road Rage Call

An early morning 911 call regarding a road rage incident led to an incident involved shooting with St. Johns County Deputy Sheriff in the southern region of St. Johns County. The sheriff deputies immediately issued a BOLO.

According to Sheriff Rob Hardwick, a shotgun was brandished by a driver in the car. The vehicle was spotted driving north bound on US 1.

“As he was turning around, the deputy sheriff was shot with a 12-gauge shotgun which actually penetrated the windshield of the vehicle,” said Hardwick. “The deputy then initiated a pursuit. ”

Hardwick said that multiple deputy sheriffs joined in. The pursuit then ended with a PIT maneuver - a precision immobilization technique - which caused the vehicle to crash. The suspect, Gary Green, was apprehended and now remains in custody and charged with multiple felonies.

A woman was in the car with Green. She is not being charged with any crimes.

Sheriff Hardwick said the deputy was fine, “by the grace of God. And everyone went home alive this morning.”