2018-19 St. Louis Blues officially added to the Stanley Cup

The St. Louis Blues have officially been etched onto hockey's greatest prize. (Twitter // keeperofthecup)

It’s official. The St. Louis Blues now have their name etched into hockey history forever.

Or until their layer gets stripped off the Stanley Cup, that is.

After a long summer of celebrations, the Cup is done travelling for the year. So while it has a little bit of downtime, the trophy got some work done.

All members of the 2019 Stanley Cup champions have been added to hockey’s holy grail.

It was a storybook season for St. Louis. The club was in last place at the beginning of 2019 but dragged itself out of the NHL’s basement and into the winner’s circle.

It was the organization’s first-ever Stanley Cup win.

Entering the upcoming season with most of the names you see on the Cup still on the roster, the Blues will once again be vying for the championship.

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