Move Over, Dad Jokes! Silly St. Patrick's Day Jokes for March 17

Move Over, Dad Jokes! Silly St. Patrick's Day Jokes for March 17

St. Patrick's Day is one of our most favorite days of the year. It's best celebrated with fun and festive St. Patrick's Day games, maybe a few DIY St. Patrick's Day decorations, and even the best St. Patrick's Day recipes (we're looking at you, Irish soda bread!). But before you pull out your favorite green sweater, you better be prepared to entertain your friends and family with some funny St. Patrick's Day jokes and puns.

These jokes are kid-friendly, but their groan-worthy—yet undeniably silly—punchlines are guaranteed to make the adults giggle too. While you can share some meaningful St. Patrick's Day quotes or St. Patrick's Day Instagram captions on social media, you can also add some of these jokes to make sure the day is one that's full of laughter.

Every holiday needs some festive humor, and we think these St. Patrick's Day jokes are just what your Paddy's Day needs to put a little jig in your step!

Funny Leprechaun Jokes

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  • What’s a leprechaun’s favorite lunch? A ba-larney sandwich.

  • What happens when you call a leprechaun short? He gets O'ffended.

  • What kind of spells do leprechauns use? Lucky Charms!

  • Where do leprechauns live? In lepre-condos.

  • What's small, lucky, and green all over? A leprechaun who recycles.

  • What do you call a frog that jumped into a pot of gold? A leap-rechaun.

  • Why do leprechauns hate running? They’d rather jig than jog.

  • Why do leprechauns love to garden? They have green thumbs!

  • What do you call a leprechaun prank? A saint pat-trick.

  • What happens if a leprechaun falls into the ocean? He gets wet, of course.

  • Why shouldn’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? Because they’re always a little short.

  • Do leprechauns make good secretaries? Sure, they’re great at shorthand!

  • When does a leprechaun cross the road? When it turns green!

  • Why did the leprechaun climb over the rainbow? To get to the other side!

  • What do you call a leprechaun who broke the law? A lepre-con!

  • How did the leprechaun win the race? He took a shortcut.

  • What did the leprechaun say when the video game ended? Game clover!

  • What did the giant say to the leprechaun? Look up!

  • How can you tell if a leprechaun likes your joke? He’s Dublin over with laughter

  • Name the top three songs by leprechaun cover bands. “It Must Have Been Love (But It's Clover Now)” by Sham-Roxette, “Shamrock and Roll All Nite” by KISS Me I’m Irish, and “Party on the Paddy-O” by ZZ Green Top Hat.

Funny Irish Jokes

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  • Why was the Irishman late? His car broque down.

  • What’s Irish and stays out all night? Paddy O’Furniture.

  • You know you overdid it on St. Patrick's Day when you think you're kissing the Blarney Stone and then it kisses back.

  • What are the best shoes to wear on St. Patrick's Day? Lepre-converse.

  • How do you know if an Irishman is having fun? He’s Dublin over with laughter!

  • Why did St. Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland? Because he couldn’t afford a plane ticket.

  • Do people get jealous of the Irish? Yes, they’re green with envy!

  • What do you get if you cross Christmas with St. Patrick’s Day? St. O’Clause!

  • What is a huge Irish spider called? Paddy Long Legs.

  • Why do Irish people recycle? They like to go green!

  • How should you buy drinks on St. Patrick’s Day? With soda bread.

  • How do musicians show off on St. Patrick’s Day? They play their brag-pipes.

  • How should you greet someone on March 17? Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  • What do you call a bad Irish dance? A jig mistake.

  • Why do frogs like St. Patrick's Day? Because they're always wearing green.

  • What do ghosts drink on St. Patrick's Day? BOOs!

  • What does it mean if you find a horseshoe in Ireland? Some horse lost its shoe!

  • Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover? You might press your luck!

  • How can you tell if a potato is not from Ireland? When it’s a French fry.

Funny Shamrock Jokes

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  • What do you call a fake Irish stone? A shamrock!

  • What's the difference between wisdom and luck? One is clever. The other is clover.

  • Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover? You might press your luck!

  • Why is cubic zirconia popular on St. Patrick's Day? Because they're shamrocks.

  • Why do we wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? Because real rocks are too heavy.

  • What kind of music should you listen to on St. Patrick’s Day? Sham-rock and roll.

  • Where can you always find a shamrock? In the dictionary.

  • What did one shamrock say to the other when it saw a leprechaun? Look clover there.

  • What do you say if you lose a game on St. Patrick’s Day? Game clover.

  • What do you say to the smartest person you know on St. Patrick’s Day? You’re very clover!

  • What does it mean if you find a four-leaf clover? That you have too much time on your hands!

  • What's an Irish jig at McDonald's called? A Shamrock Shake.

  • What do you call a nomad with a lucky charm? A four-leave rover.

St. Patrick's Day Knock-Knock Jokes

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  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Warren. Warren who? Warren anything green for St. Patrick's Day?

  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Irish. Irish who? Irish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Pat. Pat who? Pat on your shoes and let's get to the St. Patrick's Day party!

  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Erin. Erin who? Erin go bragh!

  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Clover. Clover who? Clover here and I'll tell you!

  • Knock, knock! Who's there? Potty. Potty who? Potty gold at the end of the rainbow.

We're here all week, folks!

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