St. Paul Diners, Coffee Shops Have Loophole In Vaccine Mandate

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SAINT PAUL, MN — On Wednesday, city-wide vaccine mandates went into effect in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Under the mandate, customers of bars, restaurants, and other places that serve food or drink in both cities must show proof they've received the COVID-19 vaccine or show a negative PCR test result.

However, there is one big exception in St. Paul.

St. Paul diners, coffee shops, and other eateries that only serve food are licensed by the state of Minnesota, not the city. Therefore, the city's mandate can't apply to them.

In Minneapolis, all restaurants are licensed through the city. But in St. Paul, only restaurants and bars that sell alcohol are licensed by the city, notes the Star Tribune.

Alcohol-less restaurants in St. Paul can still choose to enforce their own rules around vaccinations, but they won't be compelled to do so by the city.

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This article originally appeared on the Southwest Minneapolis Patch

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