St. Petersburg residents unsettled by nearby S-300 deployment — video

The appearance of the SAM did not dispel Russian fears
The appearance of the SAM did not dispel Russian fears

After several Ukrainian drone strikes on oil facilities near St. Petersburg, the Russian military is deploying additional anti-air assets to the region, including S-300 systems.

Despite living more than 1,000 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, residents of Leningrad Oblast are now forced to reckon with the invasion of Ukraine tampering with their usual lives. In a video widely shared by local social media accounts, one Russian can be heard being rather alarmed by witnessing an S-300 deployment.

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“We’re f*cked, in short,” the author says as he drives by the military equipment.

“They are being installed everywhere in the region. That's it. Here's an S-300. I served on one of those [in the Russian military]. That's it, they're putting them around St. Petersburg. So, guys, let's get ready for the worst.”

These air defense asset deployments come after Ukrainian drones struck an oil depot in St. Petersburg on Jan. 18 and a commercial seaport in the nearby village of Ust-Luga on Jan. 21.

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