Stabbing At Carls Jr. In North Hollywood

It happened Friday night around 11 pm at the fast food restaurant on Sherman Way.

Video Transcript

- This is shaking up to be a rough Friday night. More breaking news-- a stabbing at a Carl's Jr. Let's get right up to Desmond Shaw with this. Des.

DESMOND SHAW: Yeah. Pat, we're on Sherman Way in between Woodman and the 170. See LAPD investigating this one. Sounds like there's some sort of altercation in the parking lot of this fast food restaurant here, so the whole parking lot covered in yellow tape for the criminal investigation. Now, we had heard that the suspect and their wife apparently crashed sometime later on the freeway at the intersection of the 5 and the 134. It's unclear if they had to go to the hospital, but the person who was stabbed at the hospital now in unknown condition. Live from Sky 2 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Pat, back to you.