Stacey Abrams lists what’s wrong with Georgia voting law

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A video clip of activist Stacey Abrams went viral after she responded to a GOP senator who asked her to list her objections to Georgia's controversial new election law.

Video Transcript

- Tell me-- you're against the Georgia bill, I gather. Is that right?

STACEY ABRAMS: I'm against certain provisions of it, yes.

- I think you've called it a racist bill. Am I right?

STACEY ABRAMS: I think there are provisions of it that are racist, yes.

- OK. Tell me specifically, just give me a list, of the provisions that you object to.

STACEY ABRAMS: It shortens the federal runoff period from nine weeks to four weeks.

- OK.

STACEY ABRAMS: It restricts the time a voter can request and return an absentee ballot application.

- Right.

STACEY ABRAMS: It requires that a voter have a photo identification or some other form of identification that they're willing to surrender in order to participate in absentee ballot process.

- That-- if I can stop you, that's-- that's where they're going to not comparing signatures but to voter ID.

STACEY ABRAMS: Yes. And as [INAUDIBLE] pointed out, we would become only the fourth state in the nation to require voters to put at risk--

- Ma'am, what else? What else?

STACEY ABRAMS: It eliminates over 300 hours of dropbox availability.

- OK. What else?

STACEY ABRAMS: It bans nearly all out of precinct votes.

- Bans what, I'm sorry?

STACEY ABRAMS: Out of-- it bans nearly all out of precinct votes.

- OK.

STACEY ABRAMS: Meaning that if you get to a precinct and you are in line for four hours, and you get to the end of the line, and you are not there between 5 and 7 PM, you have--

- OK. What else?

STACEY ABRAMS: --to start all over again.

- Is that everything?

STACEY ABRAMS: No, it is not. No, sir. It restricts the hours of operation. Because it now, under the guise of setting a standardized timeline, it makes it optional for counties that maybe-- may not want to see expanded access to the right to vote. They can now limit their hours. Instead of those hours being from 7 to 7, they're now from 9:00 to 5:00, which may have an effect on voters who cannot vote during business hours, during early voting. It limits the--

- OK, I get the idea. I get the idea.