Stafford/Willington Coronavirus Update: 17 Deaths, 87 Cases

Tim Jensen

STAFFORD-WILLINGTON, CT — The latest figures released Tuesday afternoon by state public health officials and the office of Gov. Ned Lamont concerning the new coronavirus indicate 17 Stafford residents have died of complications; the number of confirmed cases is up to 82 in Stafford and five in Willington.

In Connecticut, the number of confirmed cases is now 26,312, with 2,089 deaths. Currently, 1,732 patients are hospitalized, while just under 93,000 people have undergone laboratory testing thus far, officials said.

Fairfield County continues to compile the highest number of confirmed cases with 10,874, or 41.3 percent of the state's total. Tolland County, in which Stafford and Willington are located, has confirmed 422 cases with 35 deaths, according to officials.

Find complete information about the numbers across the state from the Department of Public Health, including demographics by gender and age group, here.

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This article originally appeared on the Stafford-Willington Patch