Stamp honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg unveiled

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STORY: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is officially 'stamped' in American history as an icon

The US Postal Service unveiled a stamp to honor the late Supreme Court justice

[Roman Martinez IV / Chairman, USPS Board of Governors]

“The one particular thing that I admired was her ability to persevere, her ability to fight for what she believed in, but to do it so in a civil way. As she said, ‘You can disagree without being disagreeable’. In a time of sharp divisions in our country, we need more of that Ginsburg spirit. And as we Americans use her forever stamp, let us hope we forever remember what binds us together as a nation.”

Ginsburg became the second woman ever on the bench in 1993

She was hailed as a champion for gender equality and other liberal causes

[Kim Sajet / Director, Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery]

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg was extraordinary because she did not only create his story, history, but also her story. She inspired other women to fight for their independence, demonstrate their intelligence, and questioned the status quo to be, well, badly behaved or notorious. The kind of woman who was noticed and seen literally making positive change.”

Ginsburg's granddaughter says she was a regular letter writer

[Clara Spera / Granddaughter of Ruth Bader Ginsburg]

"She had a penchant for sending handwritten snail mail letters. I always looked forward to receiving her birthday cards in the mail. My favorite from my fourth birthday, which featured a drawing of Bubbe and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, surrounded by music notes and the lyrics to the Happy Birthday song. Inside the card, it simply said ‘From the Supremes’.”