Stan LOONA to Save LOONA: Fans are asking billionaire Elon Musk to help the K-pop girl group

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Fans of K-pop girl group LOONA are asking Elon Musk, estimated to be the world’s wealthiest man, to rescue their idols from their agency’s financial crisis.

The gravity of the situation: South Korean entertainment agency BlockBerry Creative, which created and represents LOONA, is reportedly facing a serious financial crisis that could potentially affect its talents’ careers, reported NME.

  • According to local reports, the agency owes “hundreds of millions of won” to various third-party companies hired to work with LOONA and “billions of won” in back taxes and other obligations. Based on current exchange rates, a million Korean won is worth around $844, while a billion won is around $844,000.

  • Stylists and other personnel employed by these contractors allegedly worked alongside LOONA for months without compensation.

  • Insiders also claimed that some of the agency’s own employees haven’t been paid for “several months.”

  • While the agency has since released statements that show it is exerting all efforts to pay its financial obligations, observers believe that it could take some time before the company will be able to fully do so.

Shooting for the moon: LOONA fans, also known as Orbits, are now reaching out to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on social media to ask him to help fund and save the 12-member girl group.

  • Based on his current estimated net worth of around $200 billion, Musk does have the means to take LOONA “to the moon” if he so chooses to.

  • The Orbits are betting on Musk’s familiarity with LOONA based on his previous tweet about the group back in 2018.

  • At the time, Musk’s former girlfriend Grimes produced LOONA's song "love4eva," and the tech entrepreneur expressed his support via a tweet. Musk revealed earlier this week that he and the Canadian singer are now “semi-separated” after three years together.

  • To convince Musk, some of the tweets even referenced the recent break up:

  • As of this writing, Musk has yet to respond to LOONA’s fans.

Featured Image via LOONAtheworld and Tesla Intelligence UK

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