Stand Steady launches attachable monitor converting laptops to dual-screen PCs

SideTrak, an attachable second screen for your laptop by Stand Steady

SideTrak is a new slim and portable attachable second screen for your laptop, from US-based office-oriented product company Stand Steady.

Earlier this week, Stand Steady -- the company behind ergonomic standing office desks -- announced the newest member of its product portfolio: the SideTrak monitor, a portable display designed for on-the-go students and professionals who want a dual screen set-up even when they're away from school or the office.

This 12.5-inch, 1.5-lb. second screen attaches to the back of your laptop with magnetic plates and receives power via a USB cord. When you need extra screen real estate, you can just slide SideTrak out from behind your laptop's display. The 180-degree rotation capacity allows the screen to be positioned at the angle most comfortable for the user.

SideTrak is compatible with Mac, PC, and Chromebook operating systems and fits most models between 13- and 17.5-inches in size. As a rule of thumb, laptops must be at least 12.25-inches wide and 7.75-inches tall to use the attachment.

According to the company, studies have shown that "having multiple monitors can save 2.5 hours every week" by increasing user productivity.

The SideTrak monitor is available for order at a price of $299.99.