Standoff Continues In West Sacramento

Police say a man with a knife barricaded himself in a manager's office Friday evening at the Lowe's on Lake Washington Boulevard.

Video Transcript


- A standoff at a West Sacramento Lowe's after a vomiting intoxicated man barricades himself inside. Now, that store had to be evacuated.

- CBS 13's Laura Haefeli is there live with the latest on that suspect. Laura.

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LAURA HAEFELI: This all happened around 7:30. Police still here on scene at the Lowe's on Lake Washington Boulevard in West Sacramento. As you said, a man walking into the home improvement store, vomiting on the floor, and then hiding himself inside of a manager's office with a knife. Police say, as far as they know, that is the only weapon he has on him.

He does not have a gun or anything else. We do know that this man is by himself. He does not have anyone else inside of the manager's office with him. Again, police still on scene. Now, just recently, we started to see more activity outside of the Lowe's. We do a manager with Lowe's is helping police in terms of what's going on inside of the building.

We did hear an alarm going off. We're told that might have been the sprinkler alarm. The fire department is also here to help handle the situation. Police expecting to be here throughout the night. Crisis negotiators are here as well, trying to talk to this man to get him to come out of the manager's office. No injuries to anyone as of right now.

The store was evacuated. Store employees and customers told to leave the store a few hours ago. Of course, now, this whole area shut down. We're in a fairly big shopping center. Police have it pretty much blocked off. As I said, no injuries. We will be here throughout the night. Any kind of update, we will let you know as soon as we know.