Standoff with Man Armed with Knife Delays Oakland International Airport Departures

Emily Turner reports on authorities ending standoff with man threatening to harm himself at Oakland airport (4-6-2021)

Video Transcript

LEN KIESE: Now to a developing story. Operations returning to normal at this hour at Oakland International Airport. This, after a police incident that forced the evacuation of Terminal One. KPIX-5's Emily Turner is live at the airport with what went down there. Emily, some tense moments.

EMILY TURNER: Oh, it was a very tense morning, and it took hours finally to resolve. It all took place right here near this baggage carousel, and that's ultimately where he was taken down. Now just down here you can see that flights are back to normal. And everything, at least at the airport, at this point is back to business as usual.

- Terminal One of the Oakland Airport came to a standstill this morning, stranding travelers and delaying flights. A man in a mental health crisis was threatening to kill himself, so police evacuated the terminal, locked it down and trying to talk him down.

- I looked in the window and I saw a man in a gray sweatshirt, tall. And he-- I physically saw the knife up to his throat, unfortunately.

- For more than three hours, crisis negotiators talked with him with little success. That's when they changed tactics and physically took him into custody just before 10:00 AM.

TYA MODESTE: They started to close in on him a little more and a little more and decided that they would try to go hands-on with him, but again he was very agitated. At the last minute, they decided that they would deploy a taser.

- Deputies don't know what started it or who he is but say they had to wrestle the knife away from him. He did manage to cut his neck before he was taken into custody and taken away in an ambulance. The terminal finally then reopened.

- Yeah, we've been kind of waiting a while now and obviously it's-- he's more important than my flight, so I'm OK with waiting.

EMILY TURNER: Now there were several flights that were delayed as far as their takeoff was concerned, but the police and the Sheriff's deputies actually worked well with the airport facilities. They funnelled people in through Terminal Two, and they came around the back way so that they were at least able to have things move normally and.