Stanford Golfer Delivers 'Heck' Of A Performance At Augusta National

Stanford's Rachel Heck finished 3rd at the Augusta National Women's Amateur tournament last week. The final round is played on the same course as The Masters. Vern Glenn interviewed Heck when she returned to campus. (4-12-21)

Video Transcript


VERN GLENN: Augusta National. The pros play it this time of year. Well, last weekend hackers, watch. I don't know of a red blooded man with a golf club in his hand that hasn't fantasized about playing Augusta National, and you did it.

- Rachel Heck, Stanford freshman.

VERN GLENN: Yes, Rachel Heck did. And at the 12th hole here, played it well.

- Sensational shot from the 19-year-old.

VERN GLENN: Heck, Cardinal teammate, Angelina Ye, and incoming Stanford freshman, Rose Zhang, the world's number one amateur, made the cut of 30 for the second Augusta National Women's Amateur Final Round, a 54 hole event. The last day Dean played on these hallowed grounds.

RACHEL HECK: I was just having the best time. It was so cool to make some birdies on those holes that I've seen the pros play so many times. Hey, man, this quarter was crazy to be able to birdie 12, birdie 14, birdie 15. It was just awesome. I was just having the time of my life just hitting those shots, visualizing the pros hitting their shots walking on the fairways, picturing the pros walking down those fairways, it was a dream.

VERN GLENN: Making the cut in a couple of professional tournaments, this as a 15-year-old at the 2017 Women's U S open is one thing. But playing tournament golf at the site of the Masters is another.

- Pac 12.

VERN GLENN: How long or how many holes or how many practice strokes did it take before you had that moment when you said, OK, I get it now, I understand the big deal?

RACHEL HECK: It didn't take long at all. Probably at the moness in front of my car.

VERN GLENN: No one in the field finished below par. Heck fellow stroke shy of making a playoff, tied for third. That's fine this time.

RACHEL HECK: It was just amazing, no regrets for sure. If you would've told me T 3 at a guest, I'd take that any day.

VERN GLENN: Oh, thank you. Oh--

- Congratulations

VERN GLENN: --good. Any guy can dream, can't he? Back to you on the Par 5.