Stanford study identifies 4 causes, solutions for 'Zoom fatigue'

Yes, "Zoom fatigue" is a thing. So, here are a few ideas to help you through those long virtual meetings.

Video Transcript

- Stanford University researchers are analyzing a new phenomenon many of us know all too well, and it's called Zoom fatigue.

- Yeah, it's exhausting, right, Dan.

- Yes.

- Yeah, there appear to be four main causes. One, lots of eye contact. That close range can cause anxiety or trigger a fight response. Two, staring at your own face can make you highly critical of yourself. Three, being trapped in one spot can make a person restless. And finally, you can't see a person's body language, so it takes more energy to communicate. ABC7 talked with one of the lead researchers over Zoom.

JEREMY BAILENSON: It's a wonderful tool when used properly and sparingly. It's just doing it for nine hours a day is not the same as being on a hike with your friends or being at a rock show and just being around people.

- That it is not. So there is a solution. Take notes, turn the camera off, look away, and only listen.