As All-Star Game Approaches Prices For Resale Tickets Soar Online

As a judge turns down a Georgia All-Star lawsuit, resale ticket prices soar for the Denver game.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC GARCIA: A judge has just rejected a bid by a non-profit group to get Major League Baseball to return the All-Star game to Georgia. Major League Baseball moved out of Atlanta following new requirements for that state in election voting. CBS 4's Rick Sallinger live. And Rick, people looking to resell tickets already having a field day.

RICK SALLINGER: Yes, Dominic. StubHub told us today it has 4,100 tickets for the All-Star game available, with the cheapest going for $244. And guess what? It is no longer illegal in Denver to scalp tickets, so long as it's done online.

The best of both leagues will be on display at Coors Field. The last All-Star game was two years ago.

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RICK SALLINGER: Already, tickets are for sale at inflated prices. Here's two seats on an aisle for $900 each. We answered another ad and reached Jesus Rivera in Longmont.

JESUS RIVERA: I purchased two tickets for $850. I'm hoping to sell one of them for $425.

RICK SALLINGER: The Rockies webpage has tickets listed at what appears to be bargain prices. It's all done over the internet now. It's hard to find your favorite scalper outside Coors Field, where scalping of paper tickets is still illegal.

JAY CASILLAS: If tickets are purchased online, that scalping ordinance does not apply to it. So if someone does pay for something that is over the cost of what it was originally, unfortunately, there's not much, legally, they can do to go after these people that sell them for higher prices.

RICK SALLINGER: That goes for all events in Denver. It's a whole new digital world, and these tickets on the lower level for the All-Star game are only going for $1,500 apiece. And it appears to be legal, so long as it's done online.

JESUS RIVERA: Any time I've ever sold tickets in the past, either with StubHub or Ticketmaster, it's always-- I mean, I don't really ever get any physical tickets anymore.

RICK SALLINGER: And we might add that if somebody tries to sell you All-Star tickets and they're from Georgia, you might want to look at them very carefully. Live in Denver, Rick Sallinger.