'Star Wars Episode VII' rumor sheds light on Skywalker role

Should Luke Skywalker have turned to the Dark Side? Actor Mark Hamill poses with Dark Vader

Luke Skywalker's role in December 2015's "Star Wars Episode VII" is subject to further speculation as fans discuss the hero's relationship to the light and dark sides of the Force.

Is Luke Skywalker good or bad? That's the question driving one aspect of discussion about the franchise hero's return, after a post on MakingStarWars provided further insight gleaned from purported insiders, and part of which is relayed below.

Credited with defeating Darth Vader at the end of the original trilogy, episodes IV-VI, Luke Skywalker is said to have gone into hiding, seeking to minimize his influence on the rest of society, fearing that he may fall prey to the power-crazed delusions that turned his own father into Vader.

But the Force power that he wields combines with decades of self-imposed exile and takes a considerable toll upon his well-being as a result.

He is finally coaxed out of seclusion due to events crucial to "Episode VII," and the way Luke's ultimate allegiances play out remain unsure until the very end.

"Not even those that have known him for most of his life know if he's sane or not," writes MSW. "The villain and the new hero both draw Skywalker out and he's forced to intervene in the galactic conflict."

"By the last act of the film, it is clear where Luke falls on spectrum of good and evil."

And MSW sees familiar themes in this telling of Luke's story, should it prove correct.

"The interesting thing is that 'Star Wars' has always been about family and love but also about righting the wrongs of the past generation."