Starbucks, Chase Bank bring change of scenery to Durham's 9th Street

Durham's 9th Street, known for its small businesses, is transforming.

Video Transcript

- Street.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, well one thing that you can see is just right in front of me. This is where the Starbucks will be opening up on Friday, and you could see through the windows, they've brought in supplies, getting it ready to open up. I've been talking to folks here on 9th Street who come here regularly, and some tell me that they're excited about having new options to go shopping at, to go get coffee, but others tell me that they're concerned about the impact that these changes could have on small businesses.


Bohemian-- that's how many describe Triangle Coffee House on 9th Street in Durham.

VICTOR LOPERFIDO: I love this coffee shop.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: But changes on the street known for its small businesses are concerning regular, Victor Loperfido-- a Chase Bank opening recently and Friday a Starbucks will.

VICTOR LOPERFIDO: I like the street the way it is, and it's going to change.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: Outside Starbucks these words-- Boycott Starbucks. Shop local. Coffee shop owner Jermaine Bantam admits he's annoyed Starbucks is opening almost right next door.

JERMAINE BANTUM: When you support local businesses, you're supporting our local economy. So when you're doing business with Triangle Coffee House, you know, we get our baked goods from 9th Street Bakery, which is another local business. You know Starbucks is not going to do that.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: Starbucks sending me a statement, saying we are committed to being a good neighbor in Raleigh and to having an open dialogue about the community's concerns. We look forward to serving as a gathering place for citizens and visitors of the community for years to come, as well as building strong connections with the community both inside and outside our stores. Some are excited about the changes.

ABLESSIN JOHNSON: I think that with the Chase and the Starbucks opening, it's going to bring more people.

- I think a lot of my friends are going to go to that Starbucks a ton. I think having more options is nice, but we definitely do love the small businesses around here.

GLORIA RODRIGUEZ: In January, Starbucks creating a Community Resilience Fund to support small business growth and community development projects in Black, Indigenous, and people of color neighborhoods. And again, this Starbucks here opening on Friday. Live in Durham, Gloria Rodriguez, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.