Starbucks halts reusable mugs

You thought you were doing good by bringing your own cup to Starbucks, getting your caffeine fix AND saving the planet.

But the world's largest coffee chain on Thursday announced it would suspend the practice of filling your re-usable mug. The move aims to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Coffee chains such as Starbucks have been encouraging customers to bring in their own cups in order to cut down on the single-use paper and plastic that wind up in landfills. Starbucks began phasing out the use of plastic straws two years ago.

But with the coronavirus rapidly spreading around the world, companies are rethinking the way they operate. Some are asking employees to work from home, freezing non-essential business travel, and stockpiling goods.

In the UK and Germany, Starbucks says it'll suspend the fees it charges for paper cups.

Since 1985, eco-conscious Starbucks has been rewarding customers with a discount when they bring in their personal tumblers. Not to worry: Starbucks says it'll continue to honor that 10 cent discount for anyone bringing their own mugs. It just won't fill them.