Starbucks Just Restocked Exclusive 2021 Holiday Tumbler Cups That Diehard Fans Can’t Miss

Starbucks Just Restocked Exclusive 2021 Holiday Tumbler Cups That Diehard Fans Can’t Miss

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  • Starbucks has rolled out most of its 2021 Holiday merchandise collection, including coffee cold cups, tumblers, insulated hot beverage cups and seasonal items like ornaments.

  • The coffee chain is also restocking some of its most popular coffee cups being released in its larger winter collection.

  • Social media users have spotted more of these limited edition cups in Starbucks cafés located within retailers, malls and some airport locations.

  • Starbucks' 2021 Holiday merchandise is also being sold online by resellers at a markup.

With Thanksgiving over, the holiday season is in full swing. Starbucks fans will be jolly when they hear that the coffee retailer has gone ahead and restocked many of the most popular 2021 holiday merchandise that debuted in November.

The coffee giant unveiled a sampling of its expansive holiday merchandise collection back in October (shortly after revealing the highly anticipated Halloween cups!), teasing at least 10 new cold cups, tumblers, insulated coffee mugs and seasonal additions like ornaments. As any eagle-eyed Starbucks customer would tell you, the amount of new merchandise and coffee-friendly gifts that made it into stores was impressive. Social media users have shared snippets of seasonally appropriate Starbucks cups for the winter season.

There are plenty of stainless-steel infused options for coffee fans to choose from, featuring ombré designs in pink and white motifs complete with rainbow-like iridescent shine. Starbucks has also introduced more than a few new gradient cold cups and insulated coffee tumblers that will seamlessly fit into any collector's compendium. Most of these cups are Grande and Venti-sized (16oz and 24oz, respectively) and are priced between $19.95 and $24.95 in all Starbucks locations.

Of course, coffee aficionados are most excited about the chain's Christmas-themed merchandise, including a beautiful trio of jeweled tumblers in an array of festive colors. Social media users have noticed that a few Target cafés have also carried Grande-sized versions of these intricate cold cups, which have practically flown off shelves since their debut.

Starbucks' most popular new addition is its new collection of soft-touch bling cold cups — namely, this pearlescent white edition (which also comes in an ornament version!). The cup retails for $19.95, but online resellers have been successful in listing them for upwards of $60 or more.

Chatter online indicates that the bling cups swiftly sold out at both Starbucks cafés and Target locations within days of coming back in November. But social users have hinted that many locations restocked over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend — including a pair of new soft-touch bling cups, which shoppers seem to really love. These pastel-themed cups are brand new in the holiday season and have also gone on to fetch higher prices in online marketplaces.

While Starbucks hasn't officially confirmed most of this merchandise line, nor its actual release dates in stores, the increase in social activity tells us that a restock likely occurred over the holiday. Most standalone café locations don't receive merch before retail cafés within Target locations do, or those stores in third-party retailers. That means you're more likely to track down a holiday cup at Target or a Starbucks within a mall or an airport, for example.

If you're lucky enough to live near one of Starbucks' ultra-sleek Reserve Roasteries in select cities across the globe, you'll be happy to hear that these locations have unique, artisanal merchandise collections. Each location will carry a line of mugs and tumblers, but there will be a local selection as well. Our favorite pick has to be in New York, where true coffee lovers can get their hands on a limited edition Starbucks Chemex pour-over coffee system. Now that's truly a collector's item if we've ever heard of one!

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