Is Starbucks open on New Year's? Everything to know to have a frappe holiday

Put on your party hat, because it's time to say "see ya" to 2022 and "hello" to 2023 with a host of New Year's wishes.

With the Christmas holiday in the rearview mirror (whew, done with gifts and family dinners for another year), it's time to put away the fancy dishes, make some resolutions and gear up for what's ahead.

Whether you're debating how much longer to keep the tree up or kicking 2023 off with a day of retail therapy, there's never a bad time for a cup of your favorite brew.

If your New Year's plans include swinging by a Starbucks drive-thru or stopping into a store for your customized coffee, you'll need to know what Starbucks' New Year's hours are this year.

And, if we're getting technical here, next year's Starbucks hours, too, even though they're just one day apart. reached out to Starbucks to save you the trouble, and here's what you need to know about the coffee-roaster's New Year's hours.

Starbucks' New Year's Eve 2022 hours

New Year's Eve is on Saturday, Dec. 31 this year.

Got plans to watch "When Harry Met Sally" again? Or celebrating the occasion by watching the ball drop with your closest pals?

However you're Auld-Lang-Syne-ing, a little extra caffeine can't hurt.

With more than 33,000 stores across the world, a Starbucks' spokesperson says each store operates "based on the needs of their store and community."

That means that while many stores will be open on New Year's Eve, to find out specific open and close times, you'll need to visit the Starbucks' app or store locator for information on when (and if) your favorite Starbucks is open on the holiday.

"The Starbucks app continues to be the best way for customers to find a store, check store hours, order ahead and pay," the Starbucks' spokesperson tells

Starbucks' New Year's Day 2023 hours

This year New Year's Day falls on Sunday, Jan 1., and much like New Year's Eve and other holidays, New Year's Day Starbucks' hours also vary.

Depending on how many New Year's drinks you enjoy in the final hours of 2022, an extra shot of caffeine to help jumpstart the first day of the new year might be just what the doctor ordered.

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, New Year's Day Starbucks store and drive-thru hours vary by location with stores occasionally adjusting their hours based on business and customer needs.

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