Stark County real estate transfers Feb. 18-25


Craven Anthony J from Craven Rogeana L, 425 E Mill St, $91,000.

Ganni Jason & Amy from Thatcher Marjorie S, 895 Wright Ave, $55,000.

Lush Enterprises LLC from A & L Property Management LLC, 2340 W State St, $750,000.

Mauro Philip G & Mary C from 1590 Overlook LLC, 1590 Overlook Dr, $190,000.

Mccoy Randy G Sr & Patricia A from Ferguson Smith Kainan M, 264 W Ely St, $5,000.

Mckitrick Bryan T from Carnell Katherine, 1122 Overlook Dr, $116,000.

Medure Kristen L from Foster John R, 1031 W Cambridge St, $85,900.

Palmieri Sadie from Buehler John & Jamie, 41 S Mckinley Ave, $90,000.

Tenant Home Rental LLC from Rickerman Power LLC, 535 E Oxford St, $15,000.

Wikle Rylan & Cody from Fla Properties LLC, 205 South St, $105,000.

Yoho Beth E & David W from Cutlip Mindy, 432 E Cambridge St, $19,510.

Yoho Beth E & David W from Cutlip Mindy, parcel 110500 Linden Ave S, $19,510.

Zucco Anthony & Alvarez Paula Ortiz from Lukas Eric J, 1108 Parkside Dr, $140,000.

Bethlehem Township

Dennison Todd from Moore John, parcel 10000942 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $5,000.

Tarwater Susan A from Tepe Renae, 182 D St Nav Vil, $32,000.

Canal Fulton

2254 Locust Street Holdings LLC from Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland, 2254 Locust St S, $477,500.

Burroughs Jerry D from Hunter Scott D & Sandra L, 644 Longview Ave, $180,000.

Hart Christine Elizabeth from Hatfield Michael D & Deanna N, 766 Beverly Ave, $158,000.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 10013938 Bonita Cir SE, $29,500.

Patterson Aaron Matthew & Danielle from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 3032 Bonita Cir SE, $266,905.


Abatangelo Richard Lee & Anna from Sievert Pamela S Ttee, 1802 Harvard Ave NW, $164,000.

Beck Timothy R from Clark Dorothy Lorena, 926 Wertz Ave SW, $35,000.

BSMK LLC from GLJ Enterprises LLC, 915 Highland Rd NE, $50,000.

Chappell Jessica Lee & Brady & Mowatt from 816 Group LLC, 1325 Shorb Ave NW, $76,500.

Chau Lisa M from Merlin Properties of Stark County Ltd, 1622 Olive PL NE, $55,000.

Chirumbolo Rocco L from Cunningham Debra L & Mckeen Diane L, 4116 3rd St NW, $100,000.

D&D Real Properties LLC from Ball Annette, 445 Wallace Ave SE, $3,500.

Delta Real Estate LLC from Kell Jacob, 2810 Harmont Ave NE, $78,000.

Equity Holdings Ltd from ZBR Properties LLC, 2046 Georgetown Rd NE, $1,000.

Farmer Enoch M Jr & Kolenz Mary Katherin from Schumacher Homes of AKRON/CANTON Inc, 236 52nd St NW, $49,349.

Feldner Juleighanna K from Kieffer Justin M, 1416 21st St NW, $125,000.

Fisher Dakota M from Paumier Jennifer, 1417 21st St NW, $127,500.

Geitgey Randall from Murray-Goff Tina M, 121 Harter Ave NW, $176,500.

Gillems Timothy A from Oneal Edward A, 121 Claremont Ave NW, $57,200.

Home at Last Properties LLC from Roney Ray E, 1624 Monument Rd NW, $78,300.

Horner John J & Barbara A from Lane Robert E IV, 1418 Oxford Ave NW, $160,000.

Horner John J & Barbara A from Lane Robert Elton IV & Brittany Nicole, parcel 217162 Louisiana Ave NW, $160,000.

Lawhead Matilda Jane from Stropki Sheena M, 146 Grandview Ave NW, $126,350.

Mattox Acquisitions LLC from Smalls Toyrelle, 721 Highland Rd NE, $2,500.

Mayle Timothy E from Wilfong Daniel I, 2320 Ellis Ave NE, $159,500.

Mickens Barbara June from Golden James J & Jennifer L, 3105 Harvard Ave NW, $142,000.

Moreland Dale L & Staci J from Lytsell Luther, 1712 Stark Ave SW, $42,850.

Oprean Damon G from Oprean Damon G & Mchenry Zachary Tyler, 1632 Kolp PL NW, $35,100.

Patel Chetankumar from Ramey Christopher D & Amanda J, 341 Clarendon Ave NW, $45,260.

Ross Birsee Jr & Anita Y from Deibel Mary C, 1436 Southpointe Cir NE, $235,000.

Sa & BL Properties LLC from Leahy Timothy & Sylvia, 1722 24th St NW, $104,000.

Smith N’tori & Johnson John E II from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, parcel 245989 6th St NE, $38,500.

Smith N’tori & Johnson John E III from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, 503 the O’jays Pkwy NE, $38,500.

Springer Debra Ann & Jeremy Johnathon from Garner Rachel E, 4116 2nd St NW, $145,000.

Stouffer Shane M from Salem Abdulla B, 1611 27th St NE, $88,000.

the Abcd Inc from Milan Cornel, 1287 Harrisburg Rd NE, $200,000.

Waicak Jeffery from Klingensmith David, 1432 Garfield Ave SW, $10,000.

Wallace Angelike from Hmeidan Eddie, 716 6th St SW, $2,300.

Watts Latoi from Allen Saprina Trustee, 503 Crestmont Ave SE, $82,300.

Wyeth Rebecca from Christopher Mark, 903 Lippert Rd NE, $61,000.

Canton Township

Mcwilliams Dana R & Jason L from Cobb Henry R, 4611 Plainfield Ave SW, $187,000.

Myers Logan from Mcgee Jesse L, 4712 Sherman Church Ave SW, $140,000.

Jackson Township

Anders Derek T & Toth Shannon J from Horner Terry & Joanne, 9756 Strausser St NW, $246,000.

Armstrong Ashley Elizabeth & Eiden from Mandeville Jamie, 9251 Hunters Chase St NW, $600,000.

Bartuseck Mark J from Scott Mary F, 5468 Peninsula Dr NW, $375,000.

Bates Timothy P & Hannah R from Miller Joseph P, 8451 Scenicridge Ave NW, $275,000.

Evans Mario & Hubbard Danielle from Kinsinger Gregory E Trustee, 8760 Camden Rd NW, $1,030,000.

Gasper-Hulvat Marie E from Gasper-Hulvat Marie E, 5766 Lakemere Cir NW, $277,500.

Gasper-Hulvat Marie E from Reusser Mark A & Joan L Trustees, 5766 Lakemere Cir NW, $277,500.

George v Ciorba & Rodica Ciorba 2017 from Berkshire Farms LLC, parcel 10013507 Greenview Ave NW, $149,100.

George v Ciorba & Rodica Ciorba 2017 from Berkshire Farms LLC, parcel 10013508 Greenview Ave NW, $155,100.

George v Ciorba & Rodica Ciorba 2017 from Berkshire Farms LLC, parcel 10013509 Greenview Ave NW, $193,900.

Jacob Douglas from Moore Barbara, 3663 Barrington PL NW, $165,000.

Locke Charles Thomas III & from Maycon Zev R & Angela M, 6089 Kinloch Court Cir NW, $455,000.

Morley Larry R & Janet L from Hinkel Nancy A, 6730 Harbor Dr NW, $359,900.

Post Laura S from Rausch Beverly K, 5439 East BLVD NW, $500,000.

Regal Construction Co from Contrel Corporation, 5860 Walbrook St NW, $11,500.

Smith Jacob T from Brothers Ann M Trustee of the Ann M Brothers Revocable Trust, 7066 Oriole Ave NW, $80,000.

Smith Jacob T from Brothers Ann M Trustee of the Ann M Brothers Revocable Trust, 7080 Oriole Ave NW, $80,000.

Smith Sarah G & Ogden Taylor E from Brewer John E & Karen R, 9444 Strausser St NW, $289,900.

Suttles Shivonne N from Anian Venture LLC, 7617 Champaign Ave NW, $81,000.

Wharton Douglas E & Loralynn from Morehart Rebecca A & Jacob, 5881 Kerry Cir NW, $275,000.

Young Brook from Boron Kelly A Trustee of the Kelly A Bor, 6269 Irvine Cir NW, $170,000.

Lake Township

Beal Zachary & Karla from Otterman Jeffrey G & Jennifer N, 3366 Crosby St NW, $263,000.

Delta Real Estate LLC from U.s. Bank Trust National Association, 8327 Cleveland Ave NW, $95,000.

Green Mark from Rothacker Tammy A, 3422 Marquette St NW, $169,000.

Hollister Jason & Stacy from Chula Robert Jr, parcel 2016029 Cain St NW, $124,000.

Katirai Anis B & Brittany J from Stevens Christopherj & Wendie K, 13478 Cinnamon Lane Ave NW, $300,000.

Klein Brent & Ashley from Windgate North LLC, parcel 10010043 Bentgrass Ave NE, $68,000.

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from A List Land Development LLC, 2373 Monaco St NW, $78,000.

Yastrab Paul G & Shelly K Ttees from Teeling-Smith Richelle M & Smith Timothy, 10236 Carlswood Ave NE, $275,100.

Lawrence Township

Manos Abigail & Michael from Middlecoop Paul M & Brenda M Co Trustees, 6438 Erie Ave, $470,000.

Noble Kevin & Kathleen from Monea Paul A, 6515 Milhaven Ave NW, $470,600.

Whims Chadwick Payne from Suderow Janet M, 8070 Leaver Ave NW, $215,000.

Lexington Township

Ciarlillo Linda from Benson Kathleen, 11701 Edison St NE, $184,000.

Dendler Spencer C from Crouse Mark R & Tina M, 1501 S Sawburg Rd, $214,000.

Swonger Kaycee L & Howe Patrick R from Winger Thomas W, 12530 German Church St NE, $240,000.


Elmerick James C & Nicole K from DNG Properties LLC, 505 S Chapel St, $122,500.

Summerfield Steven C & Samantha Lynn from Hale Carol A, 1434 Pendleton Ave NW, $261,000.

Marlboro Township

Carmel Properties LLC from M & A Farms LLC, parcel 10014924 Ravenna Ave NE, $347,000.

Darr Bruce & Lukens Darr Erin from Darr Bruce & Lukens Darr Erin, 13316 Ravenna Ave NE, $13,000.

Portage Investors LLC from Givens Robert S, 9654 Edison St NE, $68,000.

Portage Investors LLC from Givens Robert, parcel 3101264 St Peters Church Rd NE, $68,000.

Team MLG LLC from Gross Bradley M & Stormie L, 10926 Breit St NE, $87,000.


Blackhawk Investments LLC from Kelly Linda & Keith, 426 Albright St SE, $30,000.

Collins Emily & Matthew from Lloyd Sheila A, 707 8th St SW, $150,000.

Cunningham Nichole L from Klotz Christian F & Strunk Kristyn N, 856 Cherry Rd NW, $84,000.

D&S Properties Unlimited LLC from Borders Jimmie L, 1318 3rd St SE, $52,000.

Domer Joanne M from Mutchler Paul S Jr & Linda L, 711 Cherry Rd NE, $103,000.

Hazzard Devin from Wise Timothy & Heather, 2035 Oak Ave SE, $120,000.

Hca Model Fund 2016-9 West LLC from K. Hovnanian at Country View Estates LLC, 1160 23rd St SW, $356,700.

Hughes Lauren Lecount from Wilson Marjorie L, 21 Rolling Park Dr N, $1,000.

Jones Michael D & Kelly D from Turskey Ruth A & Steven D Co Trustees of, 2834 Poplar St NW, $220,000.

Marshall Brandon L from Hilton Capital Investments LLC, 418 Korman Ave NE, $130,000.

Mega Rentals LLC from Colosimo Beth A, 513 7th St NE, $35,000.

Sand Corin from Sand Corin & Singleton Gayla, 808 Medill Ave NE, $65,850.

Sayles Christohper M & Stephanie A from Briggs Richard K & Peggy J, 828 9th St SW, $125,000.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer’s Food Inc, parcel 701739 Millennium BLVD SE, $34,504,379.

Woodland William O & Linette B Trustees from Gordon Joseph III, 18 5th St NE, $87,500.

Yoho Caroline A from Woolweaver Ryan, 430 Carver St NW, $130,000.

Zanin Richard II from Girt Terry G & Shad T, 308 5th St SW, $100,000.

Zanin Richard II from Girt Terry G & Shad T, 310 5th St SW, $100,000.

Nimishillen Township

Crislip Garret from Clark Joanne G, 5921 Meese Rd, $178,900.

Film George E from Lozier Family LLC, parcel 3307722 Crock St NE, $83,000.

North Canton

Bosley Lauren J & Deck Justin D from Christner Juanita Trustee, 315 Summit St SW, $204,600.

Cahoon Bruce & Thompson Sheryl from Mcdaniel D Wade & Sandi H, 25 Lasalle CT SE, $300,000.

Grabowski Leonard from Holohan Kathleen M, 325 Harmon St SW, $175,500.

Jenkins Margaret R from Zablo & Sons Building Corp, 1412 Main St S Condo 103, $337,662.

Mcgee Jacquelyn M & Murphy Daniel C from Smith Matthew L & Katelyn M, 1510 Wilbur Dr NE, $218,250.

Myers Douglas J & Linda S Co-Trustees from Umlauf Ryan C & Lewis Beth, 1277 Chandler Ave SW, $224,000.

Otterman Jeffrey G & Jennifer N from Schillig Theresa & Stephen E, 1333 College St SE, $285,000.

Osnaburg Township

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from A List Land Development LLC, 6019 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $40,000.

Scott Melissa A from Gruber Jeffrey, 5552 Spanish Bay St SE, $234,000.

Paris Township

1035 East Lincolnway Propco LLC from Ohi Asset PA Trust, 1035 E Lincoln Way, $1,000,000.

Blanchard Nancy J from Consolidated Leasing LLC, 4325 Woodale Ave SE Lot 10, $31,900.

Graber Joshua Andrew & Ashley Ann from Trainer Matthew & Dague Daniel, 1426 Pleasant Ridge St SE, $149,900.

Pottorf Logan N from Mcnutt Ruth E, 1145 Morningside Rd SE, $245,000.

Perry Township

Amos Darla R from Humrighouse Nathanael M, 4613 7th St NW, $135,000.

Buckeye Communities Homes LLC from Scherer Todd E, 3454 Hilton St NW Lot 7, $7,500.

Donaldson Lori A from Miller Abigail, 511 Delford Ave NW, $185,000.

Frahm Arthur from Kline Karen E, 1320 Dunkeith Dr NW, $159,500.

Genetin Thomas from Genetin Gregory J Etal, 1155 Louisa Marie Ave NW, $260,000.

Gill Shawn M from Kistler Wanedith I, 4928 2nd St NW, $147,000.

Krug William J from Crescenze Steve Joseph &, 2634 Sundale St NW, $157,500.

Mallette Leeroy M & Nicole A from Hamilton Nicholas S Beckett Diana R, 6436 Richville Dr SW, $245,000.

Merry Adam L & John E Co-Trustees from Rode Nicholas, 4671 Shepler Church Rd SW, $163,175.

Pand Properties LLC from Wankewycz Cheryl A & Efanti Gary J, 1623 Whipple Ave NW, $85,000.

Renner Jason D & Kelsey from Paul Rachel T, 222 Genoa Ave SW, $97,000.

Richards John P & Steffenie C from Moore Katy E Trustee of the Wilson Famil, 4692 Stevie Ave SW, $322,500.

Riordan Devin E & Kristen from Stark Vincent S, 7253 Crusader St SW, $290,000.

Rosenberry Curtis L & Julia Suzanne from Scheatzle Stacy R Ttee, 824 Overdale Ave NW, $365,900.

Schumacher Jason E from Weaver Bertha B, 4441 Eddie Ave SW, $89,900.

Warrington Melissa A from Florea Deana & Dennis M, 4401 Pioneer Cir SW, $314,900.

Pike Township

Magnolia Ranch Estates LLC from Belden Marshall B Jr, parcel 4800064 Farber St SE, $499,400.

Plain Township

Birdwisa Margaret Young from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 1264 Fountain View St NE, $337,870.

Degasperis Christopher Anthony & from Gupta Eric & Jennifer M, 8023 Diamond Park Ave NE, $242,000.

Dewitt Davonna Lynn from Rasinar Valerie, 2866 Englewood Dr NE, $215,000.

Draggi John M from Wagner Theodore A III & Christine G, 6328 Middlebranch Ave NE, $138,100.

Goode Priest & Monica from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 7108 Stonegate Cir NE, $373,415.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1352 Fountain View St NE, $72,000.

Ontrack Properties LLC from Abraham John R, 2305 26th St NE, $24,000.

PL Neighborhoods Ltd from Stevens Colene Ttee & Stevens Colene, parcel 10008478 Werner Church Rd NE, $187,030.

Sanner Theodore John & Laura Tabellion from Sonnefeld Joshua P, 2515 Cathy Dr NE, $95,900.

Schirtzinger Allan Nicholas & from Baer Jeffrey K & Kalgreen Ashley D, 6750 Carriage Lane Ave NE, $280,300.

Sponseller Rentals LLC from Dager Donald R, 6347 Shady Grove Cir NE, $120,000.

Stevens Jennifer L from Huntington National Bank Trustee / Richa, 3622 Werner Church Rd NE, $120,000.

Sandy Township

Noctern LLC from Carubia Gino, 117 Main St N, $57,500.

Yackey Cindy from Gallagher Martha L, 5334 Westbrook St SE, $34,503.

Sugarcreek Township

Big D Real Estate LLC from Frailly Bernadine, 221 Harmon Ave NE, $30,100.

Cottrell Raymond from Mckernan Megan Lynn, 8021 Manchester Ave SW #30, $1,000.

Mast Sylanus E & Sarah A from Grass Daphna I, 10415 Navarre Rd SW, $225,750.

Skelly Leslie F & Mary D from Mankin Darrell L, 551 Main St W, $77,500.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer Foods Inc, 692 N Wabash Ave, $8,675,956.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer’s Food Inc, 692 N Wabash Ave, $8,675,956.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer’s Food Inc, parcel 7001540 Wabash Ave N, $8,675,956.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer’s Foods Inc, 692 N Wabash Ave, $8,675,956.

Snackhouse Portofolio Property LLC from Shearer’s Foods Inc, parcel 7001772 Elton St SW, $8,675,956.

Tuscarawas Township

Chapman Eric from Kalsek Nathan J & Jenna M, 1250 Kenyon Rd SW, $325,000.

Washington Township

Daniels Jordan L from Daniels Jordan L & Kinsey Chelsea P, 3484 Baldwin Ave, $83,100.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Stark County real estate transfers Feb. 18-25