Stars get their skin red carpet ready for Oscars

STORY: This is a gym - for your skin.

And it's where celebrities come to squeeze in some extra workouts -

before big events like the Oscars.

“We are the home of facial fitness. We are the first ever workout studio for your face…”

Meet Gianna Graham, a coach and trainer at New York's FaceGym.

"Just like going to the gym to work out your body and transform your body, you can do the same with your face and the 40 plus muscles we have in our face.”

Her team, and others, are busy preparing their clients ahead of Hollywood's biggest night.

Their regimen involves facial massages - and electric muscle stimulation and has found fans in stars like Kerry Washington and Chelsea Handler.

“It's reaching places of the face that our hands cannot reach. Celebrities love doing this treatment, especially for red carpet events because of the immediate result.”

Over at this New York dermatology office, Dr. Jessica Weiser provides another celebrity favorite.

“This facial is called the Hollywood Laser Peel.”

Though she's more tight-lipped about who her clients are.

The procedure involves applying liquid carbon.

“When we fire the laser at it, the carbon will come off and it will pull a dead skin cell layer with it. And we want her to be able to walk out of the office and go immediately to an event. She could go today. So, the goal is never to look like you've had anything done.”

Celebrity esthetician Bianca Edwards says she’ll often see clients twice a week before a big event.

She's known for giving boxer Floyd Mayweather $5,000 facials.

And Edwards says she often has a specific look in mind.

“you're under a lot of lighting. You're under high-definition cameras, Right? So you want that makeup to go on flawless. I like for my clients to walk out looking like a glazed donut.”

This year’s Oscars will take place on Sunday.