Stars tease new shows 'Young Rock' and 'Kenan'

Joseph Lee Anderson and Stacey Leilua discuss the challenges of portraying Dwayne Johnson's parents in "Young Rock," while Don Johnson praises Kenan Thompson's acting chops in "Kenan." (Feb. 6)

Video Transcript

- I was born into a wrestling family.

JOSEPH LEE ANDERSON: I had a lot of physical prep to play The Rock. He was such a big dude. I gained about 30 pounds to try to get as big as possible in two months. The gyms are all shut down in California. It made it really hard.

And then to get here and then have to learn how to wrestle, but no idea how to do it. I was terrified. But Chavo Guerrero really, like, took me under his wing and, you know, just really got me to where I'm like, I'm a OK wrestler right now.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: At the same time, I was just a regular little boy.

STACEY LEILUA: The biggest thing I had to kind of prepare for and focus on was she sings, and she plays the ukulele. And I do neither of those things in my life. When we got the scripts, and I remember sort of flicking through and going, [GASPS] another song, oh, my gosh, another song. That was something that I had to really become not only comfortable with, but proficient at.

KENAN THOMPSON: I think for a show to be taken seriously, it has to have those elements in it, you know? Like, for people to see them-- their own kind of, you know, experiences being reflected on TV I think, you know, draws them in further.



DON JOHNSON: I think that people are going to see how great an actor that Kenan is. You know, he's known for his comedy sketches and stuff like that, but Kenan is a great actor. And I was struck by that the first few days that we were working.

- That actually would have been dope.