At the start of New Years weekend, state troopers record 93 accidents, 9 DUI arrests

As law enforcement ramps up New Year’s Eve patrols, the Connecticut State Police have already made nine arrests of motorists driving under the influence and recorded 93 accidents on state roadways this holiday weekend.

Between 12:01 a.m. and 8 a.m. Saturday morning, the Connecticut state police recorded 1,717 calls for service, 93 accidents including six with injuries, nine DUI arrests, 152 speeding violations, five seatbelt violations and 130 motorist assists.

In a press release Thursday, Colonel Stavros Mellekas, the commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police said that through New Year’s Eve weekend, roving trooper patrols will focus on identifying drivers who may be operating their vehicles while under the influence.

“I ask citizens of Connecticut to be our partners in public safety during this busy week and always,” Mellekas said. “Please celebrate responsibly and plan ahead for a safe and sober ride after the confetti has fallen. Let’s work together to ring in a safe and healthy 2023.”

The Connecticut State Police ask motorists to drive the speed limit, buckle up, signal turns and lane changes, “ditch the cell phones,” and never consume alcoholic beverages, drugs, legally prescribed medications and other substances that impair driving abilities.

“It is vital to everyone’s safety that operators follow traffic laws in order to keep roadways clear of hazards. We count on the motoring public to have their vehicles road-ready prior to leaving home and to ditch distractions once they are behind the wheel,” Mellekas said. “Keep an eye on weather, as conditions in our state tend to change quickly this time of year.”

Last year between Dec. 30 2021 and Jan. 2, 2022, the Connecticut state police reported 5,159 calls for service, 352 speeding violations, 13 seatbelt violations, 36 DUI arrests, 195 motorist assists and 243 accidents which resulted in 25 injuries and two fatalities.