Startup Launch Angle: Baseball Tech Joint Venture to Offer Standardized Amateur Data

Jacob Feldman
·2 min read

Amateur baseball event host Perfect Game and analytics provider K-Motion have formed a joint venture, PG Tech, to make player development data more accessible—and comprehensible.

Using a custom built batting cage outfitted with a number of sensors, not all of them from K-Motion, PG Tech will collect a wide array of data from top amateur players, which can be used for development as well as recruiting and scouting.

“What everybody sees in sports now is this whole idea of, if you want to take a spin class, you can do it at home,” K-Motion CEO Steve Diamond said. “The idea is we can scout you in a different setting as well.”

With the normal scouting circuit limited by COVID-19 last year, data took on even more importance in the evaluation process. MLB teamed with performance training company Driveline for a series of regional events, during which players were tracked using everything from launch monitors to force plates with help from tech companies like Rapsodo and K-Motion.

Long term, PG Tech’s partners said they want the setup to be accessible by more junior players as well. “The opportunity is at the bottom of the pyramid,” Perfect Game chief strategy, marketing, and revenue officer Ken Krasner said. “We’re not looking at replacing a coach; we’re looking at helping a coach.” The hope is that data insights could help young players continue to improve rather than abandon the sport.

The partnership combines Perfect Game’s access to players with K-Motion’s experience in data collection and cloud management. K-Motion specializes in 3-D capture technology, but PG Tech incorporates a variety of other tools. “The challenge is how to get a lot of data in one place and make it actionable,” Diamond said.

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