State-Of-The-Art Surgery Saves Mother Of Teenage Triplets Who Had 3 Brain Aneurysms

CBS2's Jennifer McLogan has a remarkable story of survival -- a mother of teenage triplets had three brain aneurysms, and thanks to state-of-the-art surgery, her life was saved.

Video Transcript

- A remarkable story of survival. A mother of teenage triplets had three brain aneurysms.

- And thanks to state of the art surgery, her life was saved. CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan has the story.

JUDITH TEDESCO: It was divine intervention is what it was.

- Judith Tedesco of [? Yapping, ?] mother of 17-year-old triplets, accidentally discovered she was in acute medical danger.

JUDITH TEDESCO: I woke up on New Years Day, and I noticed a little pain on the side of my nose.

- A minor facial infection led to a CAT scan.

JUDITH TEDESCO: You have three brain aneurysms. We're transporting you, right now, to South Side Hospital.

- Specialists at South Shore University Hospital recognized the urgency.

DAVID CHALIF: It is an extremely dangerous business to rupture an artery in the brain, and of the 70% that live, half of those could be disabled.

- Judy did not have warning signs of acute headache or renal disease. But she did fit three other important categories, over 50, female, and a smoker.

- It could go at any second. I'm like, I'm driving with my kids in my car or whatever, you know? Like it could happen at any time.

- Judy underwent microsurgical clipping of two of her aneurysms, then a craniotomy. Three months later, state of the art embolization of her third aneurysm.

- It's like a meshed bowl. It's that you put it inside the sack of the aneurysm, and it completely obstructs the flow. You don't want an aneurysm to rupture.

- Her triplets think Judy wears a badge of courage.

JUDITH TEDESCO: Scar going across my head, and they go, oh, ma, you look like an avatar.

- As medical science advances routine screenings for brain aneurysms with non-invasive testing, saving lives before ruptures, could be just years away.

- The whole thing adds up to a triumph.

JUDITH TEDESCO: And I'm blessed, you know? There's more for me to do apparently on this Earth.

- Free of pain and fear, Judy can be a mom again. From Bay Shore, Long Island, Jennifer McLogan, CBS 2 News.