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State Attorney’s Office Reviewing If Local Doctor’s Alleged Attack On Hispanic Man Should Be Elevated To Hate Crime Enhancement

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CBS4's Keith Jones reports on the charges Dr. Jennifer Wright is facing. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/37DHR4D

Video Transcript

- A local doctor is facing serious charges tonight. She's accused of a physical and verbal assault against a man that included a bigoted tirade. CBS 4's Keith Jones is live at the Publix in Hialeah where it all went down. Keith.

KEITH JONES: We understand it, we have confirmed with the State Attorney's office that is now reviewing this case to look to see if it needs to be elevated to hate crime enhancement. Again, it's just under review, nothing's been decided.

All of this, because the victim in this case thought he was being diplomatic; while the doctor in this case became enraged, according to police.

KEITH JONES: It's not a picture for the annals of modern medicine. It's certainly not the story you would expect. This is 53-year-old Dr. Jennifer Wright, an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai on Miami Beach. She faces charges that could be elevated to hate crime enhancement. All of which comes as a surprise to neighbors.

JOEL LAZARA: She's a neighbor. I mean, you know, she help out with us. You know, she's friendly.

KEITH JONES: According to Hialeah Police, Dr. Wright was at the 2nd Avenue Publix, when she apparently got too close to a man at checkout. The victim asked her first in Spanish, then in English to please keep her distance. The man told Police she began cursing under her breath. And according to the police report, Wright followed the man to the parking lot calling him a racial slur and a piece of expletive. Again, something Joel Lazara never saw coming.

JOEL LAZARA: Everybody has their views, and we respect that.

KEITH JONES: Also according to the reports, Dr. Wright then punched the man in the face and keyed his car. Her political views seem to follow that of the far right. In fact, local documentary filmmaker Billy Corbin found these on Wright's social media, before she took them down. One photo shows Wright donning a MAGA hat, memes depicting "It's OK to be white." and "World knows Trump won, #maga"

Also according to the report, Dr. Wright yelled "We should have gotten rid of you when we could. We should have burned you all. This is not going to be your Biden's America. This is my America. This is my country. We're going to get rid of every single one of you. " We rang the bell at Wright's home to give her a chance to tell her side of the story, and that's what Lazara wants to hear.

JOEL LAZARA: We have to be fair. I mean, she's like, we're already judging her for by her action. But something happened that might have provoked her to do it.

KEITH JONES: It appears Dr. Wright lost her privileges at Mount Sinai Medical Center. The hospital released a statement saying in part, they're aware of the incident and they're cooperating. And that at this time Dr. Jennifer Wright is no longer responsible for patient care, pending the completion of a full investigation.

And we understand Dr. Wright has hired an attorney out of Coral Gables who gave a statement to the Miami Herald tonight in which he says he looks forward to discrediting the accounts that were given he says are full of lies and twisted information to fit a certain political agenda. Live tonight in Hialeah, Keith Jones, CBS 4 News tonight.