State Bureau of Investigation opens case over alleged abuse at Lviv Oblast's enlistment office

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation reported on Sept. 19 that it had launched an investigation into the alleged abuse of a civilian at a military enlistment office in Sambir, Lviv Oblast.

Earlier the same day, a video appeared on local Telegram channels showing a man in military uniform beating and threatening a man in civilian clothes in what reportedly was a recruitment office room.

Holding what seems to be a gun, the offender threatened an alleged civilian that he would be "thrown into the trunk and buried," adding that even police "wouldn't be looking" for him. Another man in civilian clothes, who sat nearby filming the video, was also threatened, while at least two more men in uniform were in the same room but did not stop the beating.

In another video shared online, a man similar to the one abused in the previous footage said that he was being held in an enlistment office for six days.

"I can't say much. They took the phone. There are many videos on the phone… conflicts with the servicemen, and other things. I will provide everything later. Please help."

In the third video, the same man having what appears to be blood on his neck and chest shows a red stain on a wall, claiming that it's his blood, which allegedly proves he was really at the enlistment office. The man said he had been beaten.

Shortly after these videos were published, the Lviv Oblast military enlistment office said it had started investigating the incident. The servicemen shown in the footage were suspended for the investigation period, according to the report.

"The video shows only part of the event, so what exactly happened in this situation and what preceded the actions of the servicemen is being determined," the enlistment office wrote.

The incident comes more than a month after a nationwide inspection of Ukraine's military recruitment offices revealed multiple violations, including corruption, power abuse, and fraud. Heads of all regional military enlistment offices across Ukraine were dismissed.

On Aug. 8, the State Bureau of Investigation reported that 112 cases regarding abuses by military enlistment offices had been brought to investigation since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion.

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