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Video Transcript


- Philadelphia by 7 right now, early second quarter. Nice pass by Luka Doncic to Powell for--

Portland with the ball. They're down 2 here. 45 seconds left and Nurkic, again, throw it down! Set up by Damian Lillard.

- --do to have success in the playoffs. They are doing that here early. Oh.

- Zubac with a grown--

--basketball camps with Bryce Drew, who eventually became his college coach.

- Ooh.

- Oh, Hart--

- --foul. There's no need to foul there. Your defensive is back. Watch this right here, the big fella.

- McDaniels had it blocked by Prince. Prince ahead of the pack. Nice punch, Taurean Prince.

- Yeah, Hornets not in sync on the offensive end right now.

- --an air ball. You put Ben Simmons and Thybulle together as Tobias Harris runs, goes underneath, and throws it down! Strong finish from Tobias Harris and the largest lead of the game. Timeout--

- Jordan for Durant, back to Jordan.

- Oh, you can see that forming, couldn't you?

- --who doesn't look to score a whole lot.

- Averaging almost 12 points per game this year. 3 ball up top. Dallas in front now by 4 as Porzingis has scored and every Maverick--

- Zubac with the rebound. Luke Kennard inside Zubac, and he'll jam it.

- --in the first half. Long pass. Huerter-- oh, my-- throws it up over the--