State police searching for dozens of guns sold without records in Butler County

Pennsylvania State Police are trying to track down dozens of firearms that were sold at a Butler County store.

Federal agencies investigated and charged the store’s previous owner for selling guns off the books. An expert said not knowing who he sold them to is a big concern.

Grant Williams used to own the Sportman’s Supply Company in Summit Township Butler County.

State police released a report saying the store has 30 firearms currently missing.

The gunshop’s attorney said this new investigation stems from the U.S. Attorney’s case against Williams who pleaded guilty to several firearm charges for not registering five guns.

Authorities said one of those guns was used in a crime last year, but it couldn’t be traced since Williams didn’t document the transaction.

“This is a very serious crime,” said Dr. John Cencich, Penn West Professor and Criminologist.

ATF then conducted an audit of Williams’ records between May and August 2022. The audit revealed that 2,636 firearm acquisitions were neither in William’s possession nor recorded in his disposition records. A local criminologist said this is unusual for our area.

“I don’t think you could forget to record 2,600 gun sales so what’s the motivation for anybody to sell those guns off the book?,” said Dr. Cencich.

Authorities said Williams sold 50,000 firearms each year during the pandemic and authorities said a lot of those guns were sold on

“The fact there is no record going to this eBay-type online gun dealer,” said Dr. Cencich. “They may not ever find those guns until they are picked up at a crime.”

The gunshop’s attorney said they are cooperating with authorities as it’s an ongoing investigation. Channel 11 reached out to William’s attorney and is waiting to hear back.

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