State Rep. Dowling returns home for first time since October crash

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  • Matt Dowling
    Republican politician

Jan. 11—State Rep. Matt Dowling, R-Uniontown, has returned home for the first time after suffering serious injuries during a single-vehicle accident in October.

Dowling, whose 51st Legislative District includes parts of Somerset County, issued a statement on Monday in which he thanked "everyone for their support of me and my family as I progress through the healing process, and to the medical professionals who are guiding me on this journey."

He will now begin in-home physical rehabilitation.

"While I am excited to be back home, I am disappointed that I (am) not yet able to venture out to visit my friends and neighbors," Dowling wrote in the statement. "I still have a few wounds that my doctors would like to see further heal before I venture into public to prevent any possible infection. It is my hope that chapter of my recovery will end soon, and you will begin to see me again in person. Rest assured, no one is more anxious to get back outside than me!"

Staff will continue to represent Dowling at public events.

He has been voting remotely.

"This journey has made me proud of many things," Dowling wrote. "At the top of that list is the community I come from and have the honor to represent. The people here are willing to put aside partisanship and politics for the sake of humanity, as was made clear by their outpouring of support, and that is a special thing.

"Another is that my office and I have been able to meet the needs of the people of the 51st District during my recovery without interruption. I chalk that up to the core values and work ethic all of us from this part of the state are taught!"

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