State Supt. set to hold emergency board meeting focused on teacher misconduct

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – On Wednesday, State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced an emergency meeting of the State Board of Education on Thursday, January 18.

Walters is set to consider an emergency suspension of an Oklahoma teacher recently named in incidents involving sexual misconduct. The Board will also consider the Department’s revocation docket and ongoing investigations into school districts and teach misconduct.

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I will not allow sexual predators in Oklahoma classrooms. Anyone who would violate the trust between teacher and student has no place in Oklahoma schools, and I will do everything possible to protect our kids from these vile offenders. These actions are necessary to ensure we waste no time in protecting our kids.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters

Walters says he is rolling out the most aggressive plan in Oklahoma history to remove sexual predators from classrooms, including rules that would attach district accreditation to how they deal with teachers under investigation for sexual misconduct.

The plan, according to the State Superintendent’s Office, will also increase available resources to conduct investigations of sexual misconduct to swiftly get predators out of schools and away from our kids.

According to Walters, these bold, unprecedented steps will permanently remove access to Oklahoma schools by those teachers and send an unambiguous message that Oklahoma has zero tolerance for those who endanger our students.

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