‘I have to make a statement’: Kansas wrestler becomes first freshman girl to win state title

Fresh off her state title, Nicole Redmond is off to compete at the junior national duals.

Video Transcript

- Rising sophomore Nicole Redmond is blazing a trail on the wrestling matts at Olathe South.

NICOLE REDMOND: Being a freshman, and then being one of only four girls on the team, I had to make a statement. Like, just because I wrestled longer, I need to prove myself that I'm worthy of this team.

- Redmond recently placed first at the state meet and the 120 pound weight class. She's the first freshman to do so in KSHSAA's two-year girl's wrestling history.

CONNOR FITZGERALD: What Nicole did this year was huge. Number one, she's a freshman state champion. Now she's got a chance to do something that's never been done in this school's history as far as being a four-time state champ.

- Redmond is an experienced wrestler who's been practicing her craft since she was 10 years old thanks to some inspiration from her brother.

NICOLE REDMOND: I would go to his wrestling tournaments, and I would just see him beat up these boys and win all these cool medals. I was like, oh my God, that's really cool. At the time I was doing soccer, and I didn't really love soccer. So I was like, I'm going to try wrestling.

- There's no time off for Redmond, who will travel to Tulsa this weekend to compete at USA Wrestling's Junior National Duels. Representing Kansas in her weight class, Redmond will be up against wrestlers from other states.