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Staten Island man reunited with NYPD officers who saved him

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Thanks to continuous CPR from the two off-duty NYPD officers, the Staten Island man survived.

Video Transcript

- A Staten Island man is thanking the two police officers who saved his life. He had collapsed in the parking of a Home Depot where he works, but thankfully the two officers had just stopped by to the store to pick up some parts and they jumped in to help. Eyewitness News Reporter Lauren Glassberg has their story.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: It's a reunion between heroes and the man they saved. On January 30th, Sal Sgroi collapsed in the parking lot of the Staten Island Home Depot where he's a department supervisor. At the same time, these two off-duty NYPD officers were pulling into the lot.

JASON MILMAN: His bike needed a little fixing so we went to Home Depot to pick up a screw we needed.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: That's when they saw Sal on the ground.

JASON MILMAN: He looked at me and I looked at him and we just said, all right, let's go.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: For about seven minutes they performed CPR chest compressions until the ambulance arrived.

FRANK TAMBURRINO: You guys did a fantastic job.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: Dr. Frank Tamburrino of Staten Island University Hospital says Sal had a massive heart attack, his main artery 100% blocked. It's called a widowmaker. But thanks to that continuous CPR, Sal survived.

FRANK TAMBURRINO: Every minute that passes, there's a 10% increase in a person's mortality. So by 10 minutes it's very hard to get somebody back. So getting to somebody that quickly and doing those things so selflessly is what allows him to live.

SAL SGROI: Much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: Sal appreciates them and so do his wife and kids.

KIM SGROI: I don't think thank you is going to ever be enough. I want to hug them so bad right now and I know we can't.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: But seeing this family together was thanks enough.

JASON MILMAN: That's enough. We're happy that he's with his family and that there's going to be many years to come for them to spend their time together and share good memories.

- You know, it's truly nice to know that you saved a life.

LAUREN GLASSBERG: Sal is due for a follow-up up with his cardiologist in mid-March. Until then he is taking it easy with his family, but he says he can't wait to come back to work here at the Home Depot. On Staten Island, Lauren Glassberg, Channel.