Station 19 Season 6 Premiere Recap: Plot Twister — Plus, Is It Really Over Already for [Spoiler] and [Spoiler]?

Although a tornado took a spin around Seattle in Station 19’s Season 6 premiere, a whole lotta damage had been done before we even knew that there was one coming. And if you keep reading, we’ll discuss the sorry state of affairs in which “Twist and Shout” found so many of our our first-responders.

Station 19 Recap Season 6 Episode 1 Twist and Shout
Station 19 Recap Season 6 Episode 1 Twist and Shout

JACK| Reeling from the shock of learning that none of his biological siblings had been given up for adoption, just him, Gibson had spent the six months since Season 5’s finale lying to his firehouse family about his whereabouts. Why? Where had he really been? Shacked up with ex-lover Eva — you remember, Rigo’s wife widow. In fact, he was handcuffed to her bed when a tree fell through her roof and the 19 crew showed up to help her “boyfriend.” Things would soon get much better for Jack, though… or much worse: Andy decided, “I’m helping whether he likes it or not.”

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MAYA AND CARINA | Though they’d lost their sperm donor when Jack bailed on them, the newlyweds were still trying to have a baby. It was not going well, however. The hormones were making Carina extra mean, everyone noted, and Maya was taking s–t right and left at the station following her failed attempt to blackmail her way back into her old job. But wait, there’s more. By the end of the hour, Carina had learned how low her wife had stooped — from Beckett, of all people — hit the roof and demanded that she get professional help now… or else.

Station 19 Recap Season 6 Episode 1 Twist and Shout
Station 19 Recap Season 6 Episode 1 Twist and Shout

SULLIVAN AND ROSS| In the wake of Bishop’s blackmail, the lovers had become, alas, ex-lovers. And despite how far back they went together, there was no way to move forward, not for Natasha, anyway. After she informed Sullivan that she’d be starting to spend a day a week at 19, he asked, “Can we be friends?” And her answer couldn’t have been any clearer — or more depressing. “No,” she said flatly. “We can’t.” (Which is a damn shame — they were smokin’ together!)

TRAVIS | You’ll recall that Montgomery had decided to run against Dixon for mayor with all the best intentions. But now that Travis was actually in the race, he was finding it difficult as an independent candidate not to take a position on… well, pretty much anything. Plus, after the tornado hit and he saved a woman whose car had dropped out of the sky and into a meet-and-greet at which he was pressing the flesh, Dixon accused him of playing hero just for the cameras. “Guess we’re more alike than you think,” cracked Emmett’s dad, the rat bastard.

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