I stayed at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas with no casino or pool parties — and didn't miss them at all. Take a look around.

I stayed at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas with no casino or pool parties — and didn't miss them at all. Take a look around.
  • I recently spent a night at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, located centrally on the Strip.

  • The luxury hotel has no casino, only a handful of on-site restaurants, and a quiet pool scene.

  • Even without all the action of a big resort, I felt like a high roller and loved the peaceful vibe.

This month, I planned to pass through Las Vegas for one night. I wanted to make the most of my time with a stay in a luxury hotel on the Strip.

A woman takes a selfie in front of slot machines.
The author on a casino floor in Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Since I was traveling with my husband and toddler, and was nearly nine months pregnant, I wanted to stay somewhere with a relaxed vibe, but still close to the action.

A family with a child in a stroller takes a selfie.
The author and her family in Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

I decided on the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, a non-gaming hotel located centrally on the Strip between Aria and Park MGM. It has no casino and just a handful of venues on-site.

A sign indicated the entrance to the Waldorf Astoria off of Las Vegas Boulevard.
The Waldorf Astoria is located on the Las Vegas Strip.Emily Hochberg/Insider

When I arrived, I walked into a small room that was really just an elevator bank instead of a grand hotel entrance.

A small lobby area with marble floors, a couch, and three elevators.
The ground-floor entrance to the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

A hotel representative told Insider that it's "undergoing a complete lobby refresh," to be completed later this spring. It "will include a relocation of the 23rd-floor front desk to the ground floor, expanded spaces, new furniture, artwork and wall coverings," they added.

The exterior of a tall building with a sign indicating a new lobby is coming in 2023.
A new, renovated lobby is forthcoming at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

To get to the current lobby on the 23rd floor, I had to walk through a few hallways. It felt starkly different from casino hotels. Apart from the absence of a loud, bright gaming floor, it was devoid of crowds or rowdy guests.

A long hallway next to windows under hanging lights and a sign pointing to a lobby, spa, and elevators.
The author's route to the lobby.Emily Hochberg/Insider

And at casino hotels I've stayed in, check-in meant waiting in long lines. But at the Waldorf, there was no one ahead of me.

A hotel lobby with lots of black marble.
The hotel lobby on the 23rd floor.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Instead of navigating past a confusing scene of slot machines to find the elevators to my room, I just had to walk down another simple hallway.

A hallway lined with flowers and black marble walls and floors.
The hallway from the lobby leading to the guest elevators.Emily Hochberg/Insider

I stayed in a one-bedroom city view suite for my stay. According to the hotel's website, it starts at $700 per night. I thought this was comparable to suites I've seen listed at other Las Vegas casino resorts.

A woman taking a selfie in front of a hotel bed.
The author in her suite.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Source: Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

Insider received a reduced media rate for the stay.

My room also still made me feel like a high roller even without a casino below, with a spacious living room, separate bedroom, and spa-like bathroom.

A standalone soaking tub in front of a wall of windows.
The soaking tub in the bathroom.Emily Hochberg/Insider

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Outside of my room and the lobby, the hotel had a few on-site venues to explore. I went to the pool deck first.

A narrow pool set against a tall building with loungers on each side.
The adults' pool at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Located on the 8th floor, there are two slim but sleek pools, one for families and one for adults.

A man and his child sit on the steps inside a pool.
The author's husband and daughter play in the family pool.Emily Hochberg/Insider

There was also a hot tub and a small cold plunge pool.

A small pool area lined with chairs and palm trees.
The area of the pool deck with the plunge pool and hot tub.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Plush loungers lined the pools alongside cabanas for rent, and I thought the deck had a quiet, peaceful feel. Soft music played in the background, but unlike other Vegas resorts, there was no loud DJ or raucous pool-party vibes.

Two pools next to a skyscraper on one side and loungers with people around the pool.
The pool was lined with plush loungers and cabanas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

When we arrived at the pool, we couldn't find two empty chairs together in the shade. But a kind staff member allowed us to use one of the cabanas that typically requires a reservation, but wasn't in use.

A child sits on a plush daybed next to an empty one in a pool area.
The author's daughter in the cabana.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Next to the pool area was a relaxed restaurant; you could have food and drinks served either to a table in the cafe, or direct to your lounger.

An empty open-air restaurant next to a pool.
The pool restaurant and bar area.Emily Hochberg/Insider

I chose the latter.

Someone sitting on a pool chair in a towel with legs visible and a salad on their lap.
The author eats her lunch by the pool.Emily Hochberg/Insider

The pool restaurant was just one of a few on-site venues for dining or drinking. The main restaurant, Zen Kitchen, on the third floor, was open for all meals. I had breakfast here before checking out.

A restaurant with tables and chairs and large windows overlooking Las Vegas.
A look inside Zen Kitchen.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Attached to Zen Kitchen was a grab-and-go counter for coffee and pastries.

A coffee bar counter for drinks and pastries.
The coffee bar attached to Zen Kitchen.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Back on the 23rd floor, afternoon tea was served in a chic lounge. I didn't get the chance to try anything, but thought the views from this space were impressive.

A lounge area with seating and people and views of Las Vegas.
The tea lounge at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Next to the lobby was SkyBar, an upscale lounge and bar area, but it was closed for a private event during my stay.

A mostly empty bar room with views of Las Vegas.
SkyBar was closed for a private event.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Outside of the pool deck and those restaurants, other on-site offerings included a spa, salon, and fitness center.

Treadmills facing a window.
The hotel gym.Emily Hochberg/Insider

While the Waldorf lacked the dozens of restaurants, celebrity entertainment, shopping malls, or sprawling pool complexes of big casino resorts, I didn't mind. I thought this made it feel approachable and intimate.

A woman takes a selfie with her child.
The author and her daughter inside the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

Plus, all of that was right next door whenever we wanted it. And when we were done, I loved being able to get away from all the noise and crowds.

A family of three takes a selfie in a city.
The author with her husband and child in Las Vegas.Emily Hochberg/Insider

If you like to have gambling or nightclubs steps from your hotel room, you might be disappointed by the Waldorf Astoria. But for me, it was just what I needed, and I'll gladly return.

A woman taking a selfie wearing a hotel robe.
The author in her Waldorf Astoria robe.Emily Hochberg/Insider

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