Staying Safe On Chicago's Waterways

That's the message from two Chicago Police Marine Unit officers shown in dramatic rescue video.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: New at 5:00, even for good swimmers, the river is dangerous. That's the message from two Chicago police marine unit officers seen in this dramatic rescue video. The woman fell into the water at the riverwalk in Streeterville earlier this month. Her boyfriend jumped in to help, but police had to save both of them. Officers say it might not look like it, but the water there is hazardous.

OFFICER RICHARD ANTONSEN: The male occupant, actually his knees and legs were cut up from trying to hold on to the buoy.

OFFICER MIKE BELLUOMINI: You have eyebolts sticking out. You can rip, you know, you can really cut your leg on or, you know, cut your hand.

OFFICER RICHARD ANTONSEN: The hypothermia sets in pretty quick. It can also cause heart attack just on entry.

OFFICER MIKE BELLUOMINI: You know, it's not like going to the beach, where it's nice, smooth, and sandy. You have all kind of obstacles in the river, debris.

BRAD EDWARDS: Officers warn people to be careful along the riverwalk. We haven't had big crowds down there in more than a year because of the pandemic. They may not be used to the area.