'Stealth Omicron' Subvariant Detected In NJ

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NEW JERSEY — Three cases of the new omicron subvariant have so far been detected in New Jersey, a spokesperson for the Department of Health said Thursday afternoon.

The subvariant of omicron is known as BA.2, also dubbed "stealth omicron" because its particular genetic traits make it somewhat harder to detect, and evidence suggested it will spread even more quickly than its infamous parent. So far, cases of BA.2 have been found in almost half of the U.S. states.

The Department of Health would not say where in New Jersey the three cases were found or give any further information.

This new subvariant is not considered a variant of concern, according to the World Health Organization. In countries such as Denmark, where it quickly became the dominant variant, health officials have not seen an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations or deaths.

Omicron and delta are the two variants circulating the most in New Jersey at the moment, according to the state's COVID dashboard, which breaks it down by variants.

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