New STEAM lab opens at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy

Jan. 20—MARIETTA — A new science, technology, engineering, arts and math lab has opened at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy.

The Home Depot built the school's STEAM lab, which math teacher Amy Miller said will offer students an array of educational opportunities, including working with robotics and drone technology.

Miller said it had been challenging for teachers to implement the full STEAM curriculum in their classrooms before the lab.

"Now we have a space where teachers can come, students can come and really work on integrating that curriculum, solving real-world problems, giving back to the community and our spaces around Marietta," Miller said.

The Home Depot completed the weeklong makeover of the room, which is accentuated by the company's signature orange throughout.

MSGA student Simon Johnson said he is excited about what the lab has to offer him and his fellow students, noting the space could be used for after school clubs.

"We could use it for lots of creative assignments, and overall, I think it'll be a very good thing for us," Johnson said. "I think the stuff I'll be most excited for is the stuff where you get to fiddle around with, like, how it works, like models."

Grant Rivera, the superintendent of Marietta City Schools, thanked Home Depot for its help. He then turned to the students and told them to look at the room full of teachers, parents, volunteers and representatives of various companies who had a hand in building the lab.

"This is what happens when you have caring adults who care about you and your school," Rivera said. "This is what happens when this entire community loves you and wants you to have something that is special, different and better."