Steelers QB Kenny Pickett admits why he wears 2 gloves

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The big criticism of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett during the pre-draft process was his hands. Despite a remarkable senior season where he was one of the best players in all of college football, there were concerns about Pickett’s hand size and his need to wear gloves on both hands when he played.

Pickett was on the Pat McAfee show and shared why he switched to the two gloves and unfortunately the answer isn’t very exciting. According to Pickett it was strictly a comfort issue and after switching over he felt like it gives him a better feel for the football. This is going to be especially important given that the NFL football is slightly larger than the college version.

During his senior season, Pickett threw for 4,319 yards and 43 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. He took a Pitt team that was 6-5 in 2020 and led them to an 11-3 record and a trip to the Peach Bowl that he chose not to play in.

Given the weather Pickett will be playing in as a member of the Steelers and in the AFC North, it won’t look at all out of place to see him in two gloves and as long as he can hold onto the football, none of this should matter.


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